Humble Indie Bundle 8: Donate, and Great Indie Games Await!

humble bundle 8 banner

humble bundle 8 banner

Hard to be Humble

May 28 2013 – The Humble Indie Bundle announced its 8th iteration, offering up a bunch of top-notch indie games in one convenient bundle.

Sound expensive? It needn’t be! The Humble Indie Bundle is Pay-What-You-Want! Chip in any price you deem fit, and get DRM-free access to the following titles:

Indie Game Gr8s!

Dear Esther


Eerie, gorgeous, sublime. Traverse a gorgeous landscape, and strip away the veils that obscure the mystery of “Esther.” A game that led many people to question the very nature of a game itself.

Read our 5-star review of Dear Esther


After crash landing on a hostile world, you find yourself separated from the rest of your crew. Use your jetpack, tools and Quasar Array to fight off hordes of vile fiends. Reunite with your team, and escape.


Awesomenauts is an intergalactic co-op team strategy game/2D DoTa, pitting teams in a race to destroy each others’ mining operations. It’s bright, stylishly violent, and packed with enough 1980’s Saturday-morning-cartoony action to appear in IGR’s Honorable Mentions list for 2012.

Thomas Was Alone

thomas was alone - screenshot 2

See beyond the polygons! Thomas the rectangle must team up with the other shapes if they are to complete their journey.

Read our 5-star review of Thomas Was Alone.

Little Inferno


It’s cold outside! Throw some wood on the fire. Now throw in some batteries. Care to add a small galaxy? As the flames burn all away, mysterious people from outside send letters, revealing more tidbits of the bizarre tale. From the makers of World of Goo comes a deliciously dark and unique interactive experience that you will not soon forget. Worth the entire asking price all on its own.

IGR’s review of Little Inferno

But w8! There’s More!

Sure, you could throw 10 cents at this great offer and be done with it…but if you donate a higher amount than the average contribution, you’ll also get these two other stellar titles:

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami screenshot 1

It’s 1989. You’ve lost your memory. All you know is that you keep getting bizarre phone calls, and you’re really efficient at taking out Russian mob members in a hyper-gory fashion. We remember our time with Hotline Miami; after all, it made our Top 10 Indie Games List of 2012.

Read IGR’s review of Hotline Miami.


Explore this minimalist pixel-art paradise. This simple, yet gorgeous digital world reacts and blooms as you travel. Sometimes, less truly is more. Despite its spartan color palate, Proteus managed to dazzle its way into our list of Honorable Mentions for 2012.

Great Games, Great Causes

As always, the proceeds of your purchase go to charity, and you can even choose how to divide your donation. Contribute to The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play Charity, the developers of the games, or to the Humble Bundle itself. This bundle is only on for two weeks, so keep the dallying to minimum!

Upd8! Humble Indie Bundle 8 Gets 4 More Games

June 4 2013

The eighth edition of the Humble Indie Bundle just got an upgrade: Pay above the average donation, and you get not only the games listed above, but you’ll also receive the 4 indie game beauts listed below:

Oil Rush

oil rush screenshot - from above

With Earth’s oil supply dwindling, the remaining drilling platforms have become the focal point of an all out war. Keep enemy forces at bay, or lose access to the last source of black gold. Click to read our review of Oil Rush.

Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2 screenshot A
Ground-pounding from the sky. Impressive!

You may only be one elite soldier, but you are tasked with taking on and defeating an entire army of bots and augmented human warriors. While it certainly draws deep from the well of 2D side-scrolling shooters hailing from the 16-bit era, Intrusion 2 packs even more punch than its predecessors. It also stormed its way into our 2012 Honorable Mentions list. Link to our review of Intrusion 2

English Country Tune

English Country Tune screenshot 1

If puzzle games are your thing, start humming along with English Country Tune. Just like a catchy melody, this twisted and complex collection of block puzzles is the kind of thing that is going to get stuck in your head. Click to read our review of English Country Tune

Tiny and Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers

Get back Grandpa’s underpants! Take a trek through a bizarre desert, and use a wild array of landscape altering weaponry to stay in pursuit. Though it dropped late last year, it managed to make our Top Ten Indie Games list for 2012.

Hesitation is Futile

Already purchased Humble Indie Bundle 8? Fret not – just check your download page, and these 4 great titles are there awaiting your download. For those who may still be on the fence after this latest update (holy balance, Batman!), keep in mind that this offer will only be around for another week.

Get The Humble Indie Bundle 8 at the Humble Bundle website