Oculus Expands: Tom Forsyth and Steve LaValle Join VR Headset Developers

Oculus Rift Headest

Ex-Valve Dev and Robotics Researcher Added to Virtual Dream Team

Oculus Rift Headest

The Oculus VR team recently took on two new experienced recruits, adding to the already impressive team of engineers behind the Rift VR headset. Tom Forsyth, formerly of Valve, Intel and RAD Game Tools joins the team. While at Valve, he had previously been working on a Rift-enabled version of Team Fortress 2.

Steve LaValle, Ph.D signs on as Oculus’ principal scientist. His previous work at the University of Illinois, Urbana in robotics, sensor fusion and control make him a natural fit to address the challenges that arise when attempting to create realistic virtual environments.


Rift dev kits are available for pre-order, and units are currently shipping to eligible supporters of the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Check back to IGR in the coming weeks: we’ll be test-driving the Rift with a few indie VR projects and posting our impressions.

Pre-order the Oculus Rift Devlopment Kit at the Oculus VR website