Spirits of Xanadu game screenshot, blood

Review: Spirits of Xanadu

Spirits of Xanadu by Good Morning, Commander is a first-person adventure game that takes place within a mysteriously abandoned spaceship. Read more…

IGR GOTY 2015 Walking Sim full frame

The Top 10 Walking Simulators of 2015

So-called “walking simulators” are magnets for controversy. They are also an exciting new genre. IGR rates the Top 10 Best Walking Simulators from 2015.


Humble Weekly Sale: IndieCade Edition

Humble Weekly has crafted a bundle that exemplifies the artistry encouraged and supported at IndieCade. Pay what you will for these 6 avant garde indie titles.

IGDA Toronto: Panel Class Warfare

As post-secondary students are in the midst of completing another year of grueling finals, the International Game Developer’s Association, Toronto […]