The Legend of Gwen Review - A Witch's Brew of Frustration

The Legend of Gwen is a 3D platform game about a little witch. Is it a spell for success or a frustrating hex? Read our full review.” is a 3D platform game about a little witch. Is it a spell for success or a frustrating hex? Read our full review.

Review - The Works of Mercy

The Works of Mercy is a psychological horror story. Read on to find out what makes it such a merciless experience for the player…

Review - The Deer God

Recently ported to the Nintendo Switch, this 2015 game about hunting, deer and arguably religion is nothing if controversial. Is it a tranquil and thoughtful work of art, or a big bucking disappointment?

Review - Questr

Embark on a quest to gain gold coins in Questr. Is this game worth gold in the real world? Find out in our review!

Shooting Stars! Chuck Norris Boss Fight

Review: Shooting Stars!

Shooting Stars! leans on celebrity lookalikes and memetic web culture in this bullet-hell shmup. Read the full review

corgi warlock screenshot golem

Corgi Warlock: An Indie Game Review

Wage a magic war with the Corgi Warlock. Join up to three friends on a quest to smack down the Skeleton Bunny King’s evil army. Read our full review.

Review - Super Hipster Lumberjack

Super Hipster Lumberjack by Day Dreamer Games has an interesting premise but fails to build an entertaining game around it. Read more…

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Review: StarTAG

Fleet micromanagement goes cosmic in StarTAG from indie game developer Casualogic. Build a base and prepare to defend it. Be warned: You’ll be calling all the shots when the enemy arrives.

Tassurus 1

Review: Tassurus 3012

Tassurus 3012 for XBOX 360 boasts of thousands of levels of top-down shooter action. Is this action indie game retro-chic, or haunted by the Ghost of Shooters Past?

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Review: Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is about a group trying to wipe out 4 billion souls to end galactic slavery. Does its heady premise add up? Read our review…

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Review: Humanity Asset

Humanity Asset from indie game developers Browny Application is a 2D platformer that’s inspired by Mega Man and Metroid with a more modern 3D graphical treatment and an emphasis on combat above everything else. Read the full review…