Neverending Nightmares, murderous baby

Review: Neverending NIghtmares

An exploration of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression, this psychological horror game isn’t “fun,” but it makes up for it by being immersive and thought-provoking.

Triera, many platforms

Review: Triera

Falling to your death has perhaps never been so beautiful as in this release from Russian developer Egor Rezenov.

TinyKeep, a mysterious skull in chains

Review: TinyKeep

A rogue-like dungeon escape with simplified action combat and semi-randomized levels, TinyKeep hides its fiendish difficulty behind cute characters.

Full Mojo Rampage, mini-boss fight

Review: Full Mojo Rampage

New Orleans voodoo by way of Tim Burton makes for a cute but sinister aesthetic in Full Mojo rampage -the addictive action rogue-like from Over The Top Games. Read our review…

Concursion, ninja and platform stripes

Review: Concursion

Concursion takes all of the hardest ’80s and ’90s video game genres and jams them right inside a Mario-style platformer.

Farming World, spraying pesticide

Review: Farming World

A pleasant-seeming old school farming simulation hides an almost bewildering array of choices and options in Farming World from indie game studio Excalibur.

The Banner Saga (the long march)

Review: The Banner Saga from Stoic Studio

Atmospheric, hand-drawn animation, richly drawn characters and heartbreaking plot twists make indie game The Banner Saga from Stoic Studio a beautiful but bittersweet experience.

Depths of Fear: Knossos, a minotaur and a chair in the labyrinth of lava

Review - Depths of Fear: Knossos

Descend into the labyrinth in an intriguing stealth/horror explorer disguised as a terrible action game. Read our full review of Depths of Fear: Knossos

Master Reboot, the Soul Village

Review: Master Reboot

Explore a creepy digital purgatory in this atmospheric first-person adventure. Read our full review…

Edge of Space, play screen

Preview: Edge of Space

Try to terraform an alien world in this fascinating but frustrating sci-fi take on Terraria. Or get eaten by giant space crabs. Probably both. Read our full preview…

One Finger Death Punch

Review: One Finger Death Punch

Silver Dollar Games grafts a stripped down rhythm interface to a stylish side-scrolling beat ’em up they call One Finger Death Punch. Read the full review…