HEVN Review - No Place on Earth

HEVN is a game that, while flawed, punches well above its weight and provides an interesting sci-fi adventure. Read our complete review.

ShufflepuckCantinaDeluxe screenshot 1

Review: Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe

After crash landing on a strange world, you must rebuild your ship. The patrons of the Cantina have the parts, but first you must best them all at Shufflepuck.


Review: Bounty Puncher - Enter The Fist

Rack up intergalactic bounties. Punch your enemies. Then punch them again. Oddly enough, this sci-fi buddy comedy by Axe Fall Studios packs almost no punch at all.

Gemini Rue screenshot - Azriel (475x317)

Review: Gemini Rue

A review of Gemini Rue from indie game developers Wadjet Eye Games – a sci-fi and neo-noir adventure epic that reinforces the creator’s already excellent reputation.

Solar 2 game screenshot 1

Review: Solar 2

Solar 2, the sequel to the inspired open-universe sandbox is bigger, better and more beautiful than the original. Read the review…

Review: AlternativA

There isn’t any innovation in AlternativA, so we’ve rating it on the elements. On one hand, what’s good is very good, but on the other hand, what’s bad is very bad.