Pixel Boat Rush screenshot - blue

Review: Pixel Boat Rush

Pixel Boat Rush is an apt title for XperimentalZ Games’ retro-themed water-borne speed racer. How do the rolling waves and pop-reference rivals come together? Read IGR’s full review…

10000000 screenshot

Review: 10,000,000

10,000,000 is a “match three” puzzler set at a fast pace and backed up with several RPG qualities such as equipment upgrades and experience gain. Available both as a mobile game and through Steam, 10,000,000 strives to be both a quick escape and an engaging time-sink.

squids screenshot

Review: SQUIDS Wild West

The creation of indie French developer The Game Bakers, SQUIDS Wild West is the sequel to the popular role-playing game SQUIDS, which has had over one million downloads worldwide.

Review: Luminati for iOS

Wolves and Eagles duke it out on a magical battlefield that closely resembles a Connect Four board. Does it all line up, or does the bottom drop out?

Game Review: Megan And The Giant for iOS

Megan and the Giant, a game for iOS from independent game developer Studio Pepwuper promises much but delivers somewhere short of that. Read the full review…

Review: Frogs vs Storks

Cateia Games, the makers of Kaptain Brawe present a puzzling struggle for swamp supremacy with puzzle game Frogs vs Storks. Stay on your webbed toes, or croak.