Landline Review - Kill Waiting

Landline is a Hitchcockian puzzler built on a novel idea that is unfortunately too fiddly and vague to stand amongst its peers.

train valley strategy puzzle game

Review - Train Valley 2

Explore the Industrial Revolution in Train Valley 2, a railroad strategy game from Flazm that’s now available in Early Access.

Review: Stay Alight

Available for both mobile platforms and Steam, Stay Alight from indie dev Wyse Games is a solid puzzle game, but not a particularly unique one.

Please, Don't Touch Anything: the console

Review: Please, Don't Touch Anything

Despite some vaguely satirical elements, Please, Don’t Touch Anything from developer Four Quarters, is a surprisingly abstract puzzle game.


Review: Bloop Reloaded

A liquid puzzle bordering on “physics toy” territory, this potion-mixing game is lighthearted and fun.


Review: The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle from indie devs Croteam is about artificial intelligence and the nature of freedom and humanity. read our review of this FPS puzzler.


Review: Mousecraft

Mousecraft from indie developer Crunching Koalas is a fusion of Tetrominos with a Lemmings-style deployment of 3 adorable little mice who, upon being released dutifully march towards the cheese. Read the full review…

closure screenshot 1

Review: Closure

“Closure” from Eyebrow Interactive is the brainchild of game designer and programmer Tyler Glaiel – plunging the player into a shadowy world wherein orbs of light are the only way to the exit, hinting at dark spectral worlds beyond their auras. Read the full review…

Review: CreaVures

Sporting adorable creatures, a wonderfully wonky color palette, and some decent partner-dependent puzzling, Creavures makes for a charming side-scrolling platformer now available on Steam. Does this crazy diamond shine on, or should you paint it black? Read the full indie game review…