Waterfall Prisoner Review – Escape Room Enigma!

Waterfall Prisoner Review – Escape Room Enigma!

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Steam

Game Name: Waterfall Prisoner

Publisher: APA estudi

Developer: APA estudi

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: September 1st, 2023

Waterfall Prisoner by APA estudi

Waterfall Prisoner is an escape room-style adventure game. Classic point-and-click puzzles to solve and a rich narrative backstory help make this game stand out.

You awaken in a dark and damp dungeon. Torches and flickering candles create an eerie atmosphere. The only companions are the long-dead skeletons of those who were not clever enough to solve the puzzles and the constant sound of dripping water. The low lights flicker on the skeletons; did they move, or is it just a trick of the eye?

screenshot of skeleton
Not everyone gets out alive

Cryptic Currents

Waterfall Prisoner consists of six different levels. Players start at the bottom level of the catacombs and must solve the puzzles before ascending to the next level. The water rises, and once you ascend, there’s no turning back: the level floods, becoming impassable.

Though there are no time limits, the passage of time is noticeable. A roaring fire on the kitchen hearth will eventually be put out by the constant dripping and the rising floodwaters from below. Candles and flames are reduced to hissing steam, adding to the sense of urgency and the spooky atmosphere.

Puzzles are solved by exploring the different rooms in the levels. Doors must be unlocked by solving puzzles and finding keys. You’ll realize that there have been other explorers; the notes they have left notes behind contain clues to the story that will help solve the mysteries of Waterfall Prisoner.

Inventory items and these cryptic notes become a part of the player’s inventory. Part of the mystery involves learning that not all keys will unlock all doors and that some things can be used more than once or in conjunction with other items. The puzzles are plentiful, challenging, and not always linear. It takes time and a willingness to explore and take note of details to solve them.

Piecing together the clues will help you avoid drowning in Waterfall Tower

Dank, Dark, and Detailed

In addition to a chilling backstory and detailed puzzles, the atmosphere and graphic details are a stunning and necessary addition to the appeal of this game.

The dungeon walls gleam with moisture. The light gleams on the surfaces of objects. Immersive sounds, echoing footsteps, wind howling from outside, and the constant drip and flow of the water all contribute to the tense ambiance and give a fitting backdrop to the feeling of being alone and lost and trying to escape a haunted and dangerous place.

Each new level has a different set of rooms to explore. The entire game is probably about five or six hours but can take a lot longer if you get stuck on a particular puzzle. The level of difficulty is balanced by the feeling of accomplishment that comes with solving a puzzle and opening new avenues to explore.

The game even released a Halloween update that added an extra element of surprise when found all of the amazing decorations!

Waterfall Prisoner went all out for Halloween!

Ripples of Fear

Waterfall Prisoner is an engrossing and masterful effort by Spanish indie game developer Albert Pagès Raventós and his team at APA estudi. The creepy ambiance, engaging puzzles, and the game’s ability to build genuine tension and horror without relying on cheap jump-scares are truly amazing.

If you are looking for a challenging puzzle game that will test your logic and lateral thinking skills as well as give you delightfully spooky chills, then Waterfall Prisoner is for you. It will keep you immersed from the first puzzle to your final escape from the depths.

Waterfall Prisoner is available via Steam.

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