Let’s Play “Road Not Taken” by Spry Fox

Road Not Taken

rnt_game_pageRoad Not Taken is the successor to Spry Fox’s Kindle e-ink smash hit “Triple Town.” It shares a similar grid/lane based puzzle mechanic, and the rounded-square aesthetic of the characters. But Road Not Taken is far more Roguelike, and extends to new layers of depth with what is arguably a procedural story generator (I like the description that this is a story Roguelike).

With alluring Eastern European children’s book style illustrations, a beguiling score, and mysterious characters, combos and RPG elements, Road Not Taken is a sleeper champion of a game. Though I put it on my personal Indie-Game-Freak’s Top 5 Indie Games for 2014, I wanted to extrapolate my enthusiasm via this 30 minute Let’s Play video of the first 3 years of a “14-year” game.

Let’s Play Road Not Taken

The majority of the game is spent returning lost children to their mothers, but along the way you will encounter many different animals, objects and items that can be combined in various ways to create new items or creatures. You carry around a book of secrets that unlock these special recipes.

You have an energy bar, and lifting anything to launch it across a lane expends this energy. Food and honey restore energy. Additionally you have a home where you can store various power up items you will find along the way. Do not mistake the basic game description for some sort of Candy Crush clone – Road Not Taken is something wholly different than that genre of grid based mix and match puzzler!

Road Not Taken is available on Steam for Windows and Mac and also for Playstation 4, via PSN.

Check out Road Not Taken at the official site

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to your thoughts.


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