Pizza Tower Review - We Deliver!

Pizza Tower takes the Wario Land formula and injects it with the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog to produce a monster of a good time.

Aaru's Awakening: Dusk

Review: Aaru's Awakening

This short but beautifully hand-drawn platformer will see you utilize teleport mechanics in a new way as you explore and battle the four phases of the day.

Vertical Drop Heroes game screenshot

Review: Vertical Drop Heroes HD

A fancy upgrade to the popular Flash game Vertical Drop Heroes from indie dev Nerdook Productions proves to be a valuable renovation. Read the full review…


Review: Blood of the Werewolf

After her husband is killed and her son kidnapped, Selena vows revenge on the creatures responsible. Switch between human and wolf forms and hunt them down.

The Escapist screenshot 2

Review: The Escapist

The Escapist is a platformer game developed by Backstab Games – a two-man team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presently vying for glory via Steam’s Greenlight initiative, IGR explores whether it stands out enough to make its mark…

Review: Reflexio

Reflexio from Box Jellyfish Studios is best described as an interesting expansion on the platformer concept coated in a very cute aesthetic. How does it fare? Read the full review…

Escape Goat game - mouse ally

Review: Escape Goat

Escape Goat for XBOX 360 indie marketplace, in its puny title glory, comes to us from Magical Time Bean, the makers of Soul Caster (which has just been released for the PC) Read the full review…

Review: CreaVures

Sporting adorable creatures, a wonderfully wonky color palette, and some decent partner-dependent puzzling, Creavures makes for a charming side-scrolling platformer now available on Steam. Does this crazy diamond shine on, or should you paint it black? Read the full indie game review…