Hot New Indie Games @ IndieCade’s E3 2014 – A Starter’s Guide

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Making Indie Games Known

IndieCade is on the ground at e3 2014, marking the definitive indie festival’s eighth time participating. As always, they have dozens of diverse indie games that sprawl across a wide range of platforms. Card games, board games, virtual reality, and even an interactive art installation are all being displayed alongside some truly divergent video game projects. There are a handful that really jumped out at us, but be sure to take in the list in its entirety to attain maximum indie game enlightenment.

So Many Me

by Extend Interactive


Filo finds himself in the midst of the worst identity crisis ever. Every time he picks up an orb, a clone of him appears. No matter how many of the new “me”s appear, they are all content to follow in his footsteps. What is causing this cacophony of careless carbon copies? By changing your own abilities slightly, you can lead your thrall against a driven enemy force. One of these guys must know what’s going on!

Hack ‘n’ Slash

by Greg Rice // Double Fine.


Why settle for merely leaving gaping lacerations in your foes? In Hack ‘n’ Slash, you can slice directly into the code of devices around you, allowing you to rewrite it to suit your needs. Uncover enough new techniques, and you’ll even be able to access the code of the game itself. Hijacking the Facebook account of the man behind the curtain? All in a day’s work.

…And Then It Rained

by Megadon Industries


A stripped down, atmospheric audio experience. Move the various colored pillars to augment the sounds and colors of the falling rain colliding with the objects below. Now sit back, and breathe it all in.


by Honeyslug


I’ve seen several promotional videos of Hohokum, and I never quite know how to peg it. Its vibrant, eclectic art style is as inviting as it is bizarre. The odd snake creature central to the game seems capable of flying through the realm at great speeds, though you’ll likely want to slow down and take in the scenery. Though I can’t seem to apprehend the point of the game, I find that I really can’t wait to play it.

Elegy for a Dead World

by Dejobaan Games and Popcannibal

Elegy for a Dead World – screenshot

“Elegy for a Dead World is an experimental writing game, where you visit worlds based on the works of British Romance-era poems about the end of the world.” Gaming + literary workouts? Can it be done? We love the idea…but will it work?

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

by Dennaton Games

Like it’s neon-seating predecessor, Hotline Miami 2 promises more of the old ultraviolent in 2D top-down shooter mode, with an added Hard Mode to boot. Wait, hard mode? The first round had us already loosening our collars. The sequel also brings special moves for each of the various characters, including roll moves, dual weapons and chainsaw expertise.

Check out le trailer:


by Somek Friends

The last time I used the word “Anamnesis” was when I spoke it out loud after reading Philip K. Dick’s “V.A.L.I.S.”

What happens when you mix the zeitgeist of ultra-cool by dropping you into a near-future Los Angeles, torn asunder by a deadly virus run amok. The twist is that the Oculus Rift as a second screen is used to examine objects more closely, while the main computer display shows your first person perspective. It sounds like something out of a William Gibson/Jeff Noon peyote ritual. Raaaad.

Check out the trailer for Anamnesis:


by Pringo Dingo Games

We are liking this concept – a multiplayer game in which one player – a celebrity – must avoid the roving, relentless camera of the other player. In a way this “cat-and-mouse” action style reminds us of an indie favorite – Hidden in Plain Sight.


by We Are Muesli

A nominee for best Indie Game at E3, this visual novel built on the Ren’Py engine is inspired by the bizarre and surreal works of master painter Jheronimus Bosch.

Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix

by Monkey with a Mustache

This one is so novel (pun, eek!) that is bears special mention. This SPARK and Twine driven, wooden Kleenex box looking thing is actually a Choose Your Own Adventure maker that prints onto inkless thermal paper, allowing you to keep a tangible receipt of your wacky adventures through the imaginationverse. (I just made that word up).

Their Kickstarter video is the best for understanding what it’s all about:

Learn more about the Choosatron at the official site.

Indie Influx

Don’t forget to take a peek at the rest of IndieCade’s lineup; you never know which of these could be the next indie darling title.

Bloom – The Game

by Plethora-Project


by Game Oven


by Cheng Yang & Yang Shi

Choice Chamber

by Studio Bean

Close Castles

by Sirvo


by Dynamighty


by Etter Studio


by Phosfiend Systems

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork

by Pixeljam


by Chris Hassebrook, T. A. Pribbenow, & Kyle Bromley

Long Take

by Turtle Cream


by Mico Studio


by Funktronic Labs

please be nice 🙁

by Aran Koning

Project Heera : Diamond Heist

by Mazhlele.

Road Not Taken

by Spry Fox

Slap .45

by Gnarwhal Studios


by Localite Games Inc.


by 6 O’Clock Games

Tetrageddon Games

by AlienMelon


by Team Thralled

Toto Temple Deluxe

by Juicy Beast

What?!? Oh…

by Games Without Strings

XING: The Land Beyond

by White Lotus Interactive

For more information on the games at IndieCade @ E3 2014, visit the IndieCade website