Humble Bundle Introduces the Humble Weekly Sale

Bastion - RPG Game Review screenshot 4

Humble Weekly Sale Header

The folks at Humble Bundle have announced another exciting way to distribute fantastic indie games, while raising funds for charity. The Humble Weekly Sale showcases one title for a week, starting each Tuesday. And their first title? SuperGiant Games’ Bastion!

While any purchase of $1 or more will score a DRM-free Steam unlock of Bastion, buyers who pay more than the average are also privy to these digital goodies:

  • Bastion’s digital soundtrack
  • The Bastion Digital Art Pack
  • Sheet music from the game
  • Ringtones for Android and iPhone
  • Pay more than $25, and net yourself a Bastion Bandana, a CD of the OST, and postcards (one from Bastion, and one from Transistor RPG, Supergiant’s upcoming title).

    Haven’t heard much about Bastion? Well, we thought highly of it – enough so to name it IGR’s Indie Game of the Year for 2011. If this game was ever remotely on your to-play-one-day list, don’t pass up on this Pay-What-You-Want offer.

    The Humble Weekly Sale is off to a beguiling start. Purchases help contribute to the Electric Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity.

    Check out the Humble Bundle website to purchase Bastion, but only until Tuesday, March 26th.