Humble Bundle Introduces the Humble Weekly Sale

Bastion - RPG Game Review screenshot 4

The folks at Humble Bundle have announced another exciting way to distribute fantastic indie games, while raising funds for charity. The Humble Weekly Sale showcases one title for a week, starting each Tuesday. And their first title? SuperGiant Games’ Bastion!

While any purchase of $1 or more will score a DRM-free Steam unlock of Bastion, buyers who pay more than the average are also privy to these digital goodies:

  • Bastion’s digital soundtrack
  • The Bastion Digital Art Pack
  • Sheet music from the game
  • Ringtones for Android and iPhone
  • Pay more than $25, and net yourself a Bastion Bandana, a CD of the OST, and postcards (one from Bastion, and one from Transistor RPG, Supergiant’s upcoming title).

    Haven’t heard much about Bastion? Well, we thought highly of it – enough so to name it IGR’s Indie Game of the Year for 2011. If this game was ever remotely on your to-play-one-day list, don’t pass up on this Pay-What-You-Want offer.

    The Humble Weekly Sale is off to a beguiling start. Purchases help contribute to the Electric Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity.

    Check out the Humble Bundle website to purchase Bastion, but only until Tuesday, March 26th.