Journey from thatgamecompany - pillars

Review: Journey for PSN

With Journey, Thatgamecompany presents a short but incredibly sweet offering. Leave what you know of quest games behind and take a walk to remember…

Vane game screenshot, birds

Review: Vane

Vane is a wordless, beautiful journey through a strange land. But are beauty and atmosphere enough? Read our full review.

FAR: Lone Sails winter screenshot courtesy Steam

Review - FAR: Lone Sails

FAR: Lone Sails is an interpretive experience that’s all about the journey – in this case, the journey of a train-driven land ship – rather than the destination. Read our complete review…all aboard!

Indie Fund Adds Investors, Backs Armello

Independent game investment group the Indie Fund has expanded its internal structure to allow for a broader pool of investors. Its latest investment: IGR favorite Armello. Read on…


Review: Monaco

Monaco by indie devs Pocketwatch Games is a slick co-op robbery adventure. Assemble your team of criminal specialists, and reap the spoils of the perfect heist.

2012 Indie Game of the Year presents its epic year-end game round up for 2012, top ten indie game list and lots of honorable mentions along with the most anticipated games for 2013. Dive in!

fez-forest screenshot

Review: Fez

Five years in development, huge expectation, multiple pre-release awards and a small legion of doubters later, Fez from Polytron Corp, spearheaded by Phil Fish finally arrived on the XBOX Live Arcade marketplace. Does it climb the pixel mountain and reach the dizzying heights?