Boston Festival of Indie Games Featuring Brian O’Halloran as MC


BostonFIG: Boston Flaunts Its Indie Talent


For The Love Of All Things Indie

Indie lovers in the Boston area, rejoice! The Boston Festival of Indie Games is coming your way on September 14, 2013. This year’s host is none other than Brian O’Halloran; also known as Dante from Kevin Smith’s indie classic CLERKS.

Boston Plays Indies

The festival will play host to some of the best digital entertainment hailing from New England and nearby areas. It will also feature helpful presentations, with speakers including Robin Hunicke (Journey), and Chris Remo (Double Fine/Idle Thumbs).

The Boston Plays Indies Concert will feature Video Game Orchestra, Darren Korb (of Bastion renown), as well as a solid host of other talent.

Gettin’ FIG-y Wit It

Last year, The BostonFIG Game Jam saw 25 eager jammers form 6 talented teams, all of which managed to create a complete game within the time allotment. The 2013 jam is once again going to bring together professional game devs and up-and-comers alike, but this time, there are slots for 50 participants. Over the span of a few short hours, teams will feverishly compete to create complete games. These finished submissions will displayed to fest attendees as the event draws to a close.

Interested in taking part? You don’t need to have an idea ready to go…in fact, that’s being provided. What you SHOULD bring is your own computer and whatever other gear you’ll need to get creating. Game jam applications are for individuals only – teams are created at the location on the day of the jam.

For all information on The Boston Festival of Indie Games, visit the official website.