A Conversation with “Actual Sunlight” dev: Will O’Neill

An engaging storyteller, Will O’Neill from Toronto, has launched his critically acclaimed game, Actual Sunlight, on Steam. Actual Sunlight stares unflinchingly into the heart and mind of a man, Evan Winters, on the throes of his greatest struggle: Of depression, work, and love. Torontonians will find some recognizable and timely allusions to our city that …


Hate Plus: An Indie Game Review

Christine Love’s sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story Hate Plus has gone where few other games and interactive novels have tread, and ought to be commended for putting together such an impressible scope. Read our full review…


IGDA Toronto: Panel Class Warfare

As post-secondary students are in the midst of completing another year of grueling finals, the International Game Developer’s Association, Toronto Chapter (IGDA Toronto) sought to question and challenge the value of higher education when it comes to game development. The key question for their April panel is whether vocational colleges and/or universities can equip the …



Christine Love announces Hate Plus

Christine Love, the prolific developer of elaborate visual novels and narrative games, has announced a sequel to her most acclaimed title, Analogue: A Hate Story. This upcoming title is called Hate Plus. Both games are set in a universe in the future where cryogenics and Artificial Intelligence are commonplace in a spaceship that generations have …