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A Closed World

Once in a while, a title appears that addresses the necessary social issues of everyday life. These are social issues that are often overlooked not only in games, but in the broader scope of popular entertainment media. A Closed World does this concisely and with a simplicity that resounds with me long after its playtime. Read the full review…


Review: Dear Esther

Dear Esther from indie developer thechineseroom is, quite simply, a sublime inspiration in experiential gameplay. It is also a game that is slippery to define because of its complexity. Read the full review…

Analogue A Hate Story - logo

Review: Analogue - A Hate Story

Analogue: A Hate Story is a complex melodrama, visual Novel, roleplaying game by independent developer and artist Christine Love. Read the comprehensive review by Tanya “Darklights” Kan…

GIrl With A Heart Of - logo

Review: Girl with a Heart of

In “Girl With A Heart Of” you play as Raven, a young girl who is learning about the roles of her family members as well as the little microcosm of her town of darkness. Read the full review…

Review: To The Moon

A review of To The Moon – a JRPG-styled indie game from Freebird Games. Read on to discover why this futuristic tale was one of the most beloved in 2011.

Ruins from Cardboard Computer - title image

Review: Ruins

Ruins, and indie game from Cardboard Computer has you directing a dog through an atmospheric 3D landscape of charred trees and broken walls. Its story and presentation are utterly its own.