Warning Forever – A Free 2D Fixed Shooter Indie Game from Japan Gets Top Marks – Review

Warning Forever – A Free 2D Fixed Shooter Indie Game from Japan Gets Top Marks – Review

Platforms: Windows PC

Game Name: Warning Forever

Developer: Hizoka

Genre: 2D Fixed Shooter

Warning Forever is a 2D Shooter designed by Hikware for the Windows Platform.  Sorry, Mac users need not apply.

I found this game a few years ago on download.com while trying to find some new games to play.  The download was pretty small and the system requirements were nothing compared to today’s high end needs. So the point of the game is pretty simple, attack the boss.  Each boss gets harder and more complex as you traverse each level.  This isn’t your normal boss that you normally would see in a game this old.  Each time you fight a boss, it reteaches you how you play.  So if you attack him head on in the face, next time he will place more armor and guns in your way.  This feature adds to the game play by making the game totally random.  There are no power-ups to speak of, just your trusty rapid fire laser cannon.  There is also a shooting field option to focus your attack power.

The Game has five modes to choose from: 180 seconds, three ships, five minute attack, sudden death, and custom game options.  You can infer each name what the mode will be.  The graphics are simple outlines with transparent shading for the ships.  The weapon and explosion effects are quite good. I like it the old-school feel to the game akin to the original Star Wars or Tempest line-drawing style.  There is no music, but interestingly enough, you can add your own, which I also like, since most game music sucks anyway. Warning Forever is a well realized, exciting and infinitely variable space shooter with a lot to interesting graphic elements and strategic choices to make.

Warning Forever Screenshots:


Direct Download Link
We have tested this game for safety – despite the fact that is a downloadable executable file, and it installs by default right to your c: drive folder, we can assure you that it is safe to play.  Always use caution when downloading unknown executables, but as this is an indie game, the install package may not be what you are used to.

Title: Warning Forever
Developer: Hizoka
Genre: 2D Fixed Shooter
Platform: Windows PC
Price: Free
Languages: English, Japanese

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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