Review - Boss 101

Boss 101 by Donley Time Foundation is a fun arcade style shmup game with randomized bosses that you can create yourself. Read more…

Review - In Extremis

What sets In Extremis apart from Space Invaders and Galaga? Read our review to find out!

Survive in Space game screenshot, boss fight

Review - Survive in Space

Survive in Space is an old school arcade shoot-’em-up with RPG-influenced customization and advancement. Read our full review.

Starward Rogue game screenshot, bullet pattern (courtesy Steam)

Review - Starward Rogue

Title aside, Starward Rogue is more shoot-’em-up than roguelike, but loaded with variety, randomized weapons and enemies, and some gorgeous bullet patterns. Read our full review.

Gryphon Knight Epic game screenshot, pre-boss

Review: Gryphon Knight Epic

From the get-go, Gryphon Knight Epic made me realize two things: 1) Fairytales don’t always have happy endings, and 2) Shoot ‘em up games stress me out. Read the full review of this new title from Cyber Rhino Studios.

Nandeyanen screenshot - Green

Review: Nandeyanen!? The 1st Sûtra

Nandeyanen!? – The 1st Sûtra by Tchagata Games is a mechanically sound but painfully short shoot ’em up with an interesting art style. Read more…

Review: Crazy Steam Bros 2

Crazy Steam Bros 2 is a steampunk, shoot ’em up game by Ars Creativa. It has the foundation of a good game, but unfortunately it falls short. Read our full review…


Review: Drive to Hell

Drive to Hell is a no-nonsense twin stick shooter. Drive through waves of demons and avoid their projectiles on your journey to the fabled end destination.

Review: Astebreed

Astebreed by Edelweiss, has some issues that bring the game down but it’s still enjoyable if you’re looking for a solid Shoot ‘Em Up to play. Read more…

Zytron II - screenshot 2

Review: Zytron II

Zytron II brings together retro SHMUP sensibilities and modern day revisions. Up to four friends can blast through this glowing world of airborne destruction. Read the full review…

Razor2: Hidden Skies on Steam

Read the Indie Game Review of Razor2: Hidden Skies now available on Steam. Are its superb graphics backed up by its gameplay?