Paws of Coal by Gamechuck

Paws of Coal by Gamechuck is a cozy detective adventure game where you play as Charles Quill, a hedgehog with a knack for solving mysteries.

Pesterquest Review - Stuck At Home

Pesterquest is a love letter to the Homestuck universe that fans of the comic will undoubtedly love, but there’s little here for anyone else.


Review: Tumbleseed

TumbleSeed is a brilliant and underappreciated gem with a highly original mechanic. Find out what makes this mountain worth climbing in our review.

Rogue Continuum game screenshot 2 courtesy Steam

Review - Rogue Continuum

Rogue Continuum offers twin-stick action with Roguelike elements, but how well does it deliver? Read our full review to find out where it sits on the rogue…um…continuum.


Review: Devils & Demons

Devils & Demons, originally released as a mobile freemium game, is loaded with fantasy cliches, but its art and turn-based gameplay are both solid. Read our review.

Jotun, ice storm

Preview: Jotun - Beta Version

Jotun features beautiful hand-drawn animation, lots of lonely exploration underworld and grueling boss fights. Read our preview of the beta version.

A Pixel Story, the Chosen One

Review: A Pixel Story

A Pixel Story is the latest video game about video games; it’s also a fiendishly difficult platformer. Read the full review…

Review: Belladonna

Belladonna, from Swedish indie game developer Neckbolt, is a short but moody gothic adventure for classic point-and-click fans.

Christine Love's Hate Plus

Christine Love, the prolific developer of elaborate visual novels and narrative games, has announced a sequel to her most acclaimed […]


VIDEO: Runner 2

In this interview with Gaijin Games designer Danny Johnson, IGR learns about the latest iteration of indie game icon Commander Video as the developers decide to forego the traditional “8-bit” pixel art for a lush 3D for 2D parallax styled version of the sprinter.

Snapshot game - Elephant screenshot

Review: Snapshot

With over a hundred levels spread across four environment types, Snapshot from indie developers Retro Affect games (spearheaded by Kyle Pulver) uses picture-taking as its primary puzzle solving game mechanic. Read the full review…

Dead Hungry Diner - Zompires screenshot

Dead Hungry Diner - an Indie Game Review

Review of indie game Dead Hungry Diner from Black Market Games. Good news: You’ve found a viable food source that sates a zombie’s need for brains. Bad news: Word got out, and now monsters are queuing up!