Dead Hungry Diner - Zompires screenshot

Dead Hungry Diner - an Indie Game Review

Review of indie game Dead Hungry Diner from Black Market Games. Good news: You’ve found a viable food source that sates a zombie’s need for brains. Bad news: Word got out, and now monsters are queuing up!

Review: Reflexio

Reflexio from Box Jellyfish Studios is best described as an interesting expansion on the platformer concept coated in a very cute aesthetic. How does it fare? Read the full review…

Review: Misfortune - BETA

Misfortune is a Steampunk RPG from independent game developers Loadingames completely drawn by a children’s book illustrator. Read the review of the beta we played…

camy adventures screenshot 1

Review: Camy Adventures

Intergalactic Creations, the developers of Camy Adventures – Episode 1, took that most classic game genre–the platform jumper–and created a quirky little game with strikingly crisp, high-resolution graphics. It’s a testament to the fact that you can make a game with all the modern trappings that stays true to its classic gaming roots.

dino run se screen 2

Review: Dino Run SE

A review of Dino Run SE is the Slightly-Evolved Edition of Dino Run, a very retro-styled 8-bit flash-based 2D side-scrolling platformer from independent developer Pixeljam. Get the full scoop…