Everyday Shooter – The Hip Indie Scenester Version of Asteroids – Review

This review is about a game by Jonathan Mak called “Everyday Shooter.” I really enjoyed this game because it is familiar, yet imaginative enough to feel somehow unique. The game will feel like an old pair of sneakers especially to those who grew up with videogames in the 70’s and 80’s in the sense that it’s sort of an asteroids-type shooter game except that your character has been further simplified from a chevron to a point that moves around the screen and shoots stuff at bigger objects that explode and give off points which you can move around and collect.

It’s a testament to the developer that this game is actually pretty hard to describe because of the level of abstractness he achieves. Think Asteroids, with emphasis on the STEROIDS. The gameplay is not only fun, but musical as well; a steady background track to each level changes when enemies are shot. Another aspect of the game that is constantly changing is the background: moving from left to right, and top to bottom causes patters to move and bulge with your movement with the overall effect being a sort of hallucinatory daze of dreamy indie bliss.

Overall this is a great game that promises to afford at least a couple hours of fun. Simple, yes, but sometimes that’s a refreshing change.

Title: Everyday Shooter
Developer: Queasy Games
Genre: Action / Shooter
Platforms: PS3, PC (via Steam, Direct2Drive)
Price: US$10.00

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