Review - Bacteria

Bacteria is an attempt to build a puzzle game out of Conway’s Game of LIfe. Will it infect you with its charms, or just make you sick? Read our full review.

Review: Wizards and Wagons

Wizards and Wagons is a buy once, play forever mobile game about an unemployed hero looking for new ways to make a buck. Its Tetris style works well. But…

The Oil Blue: Review

The Oil Blue is an unexpectedly fun time management game about extracting and selling oil. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty and dive right into our full review.

Sparkle 3 screenshot - Final Level

Review: Sparkle 3 Genesis

Sparkle 3 Genesis by Forever Entertainment S. A. is a relaxing, surreal ocean exploration game where you play as a hungry organism. Read more…

Prison Life RPG screenshot - Jail Cell

Review: Prison Life RPG

This satirical prison life simulator for Apple devices is a decent enough time-killer, but its punishing, dice-driven mechanics and crass humor won’t be for everyone.