Review: Dr. Green

Take to the trees with Dr. Green! This retro-themed platformer pits the titular character against the scourge of industrialization. Read our full review…


Review: Deep Under the Sky

Deep Under the Sky is the psychedelic, physics-based endless runner from the creators of Incredipede and Pineapple Smash Crew – Rich Edwards and Colin Northman, respectively. Read our review…

Review: 80 Days

In 80 Days, you must plot your course around the globe in this engaging interactive narrative. All of your decisions are set in stone, so choose wisely.

Hero of the Kingdom screenshot 1

Review: Hero of the Kingdom

Rise from your humble beginnings as a farmer to become a legend. Learn new skills, and collect items to assist you in battle. Vengeance shall be yours!

tengami pop up book example screenshot 1

Review: Tengami

Tengami from Nyamyam Games offers a unique pop-up book design set in a beautiful Japanese art inspired setting. Read our review…

Strata game screenshot jpg

Review: Strata

Strata, from indie developers Graveck games is an origami-inspired abstract puzzler that showcases the effectiveness of clean, minimalist design that begins simply but rapidly scales in difficulty. Read the full review…

The Yawhg - Red battle Screenshot

Review: The Yawhg

The Yawhg from Canadian indie developers Emily Carroll & Damian Sommer is an original Choose Your Own Adventure type interactive story with the added twist of engendering multiplayer interaction and begs for multiple playthroughs. Read the review…


Review: Greedy Bankers for iOS

Occupying a space somewhere between Puzzle Fighter and Clickr! Greedy bankers incorporates the iPhone touchscreen scheme to add a frantic level of heightened speed. Read the full review…

Review: Luminati for iOS

Wolves and Eagles duke it out on a magical battlefield that closely resembles a Connect Four board. Does it all line up, or does the bottom drop out?

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