Greedy Bankers – an iOS Indie Game Review

Greedy Bankers – an iOS Indie Game Review

Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS 3 or higher)

Game Name: Greedy Bankers

Developer: Alistair Aitcheson

Genre: Puzzle, Arcade

Release Date: May 5 2011 (latest version)

Developer Summary:

Grab your own sky-high profits in this fast-paced puzzle arcade game! Greedy Bankers is a game of big risks and excessive rewards, but you’ll need quick-thinking and strategy if you want an extortionate Banker’s Bonus!

Features in latest version:

  • NEW: Game Center leaderboards and achievements!
  • Crisp graphics with retina support
  • Gorgeous comic-book art style and animation
  • Funky jazz soundtrack
  • A satirical twist on the banking fiasco!

What We Think:

Occupying a space somewhere between Puzzle Fighter and Clickr! Greedy bankers incorporates the iPhone touchscreen scheme to add a frantic level of heightened speed.

Money doesn't buy happiness. Hookers and blow, sure, but not happiness.

It’s In the Vault

Fat Cats have money, and whether you love or hate that fact, it has to be someone’s job to count it all. The player gets to take on that job, and while it may not result in a eight-figure salary, it’s still a great deal of fun.

The player will start each vault with a few gems scattered throughout the level. Wealth will continue to appear on the screen in the form of differently-hued gemstones, so clearing them out as quickly as possible is crucial. Clicking on any of the gems will monetize it, causing the gem to vanish and award the player with the resulting points. Group like-colored gems together to form larger gems, which are worth a greater amount. Reach the profit target for a stage before time runs out, and the Boss will task you with a new target profit.

The Boss’ hunger for profit is insatiable, and each level will mean racking up more dollars despite the increase in obstacles and decrease in time limit. A desperate mash of any blocks on screen will not net enough points; busting up large gems is the only way to go.

Fortunately, the action of linking gems is highly intuitive. By holding a finger over a gem, it can be dragged along the floor of the vault until it reaches its destination. The ease of the control scheme allows the player to group gems quickly. This all gets more difficult as the levels progress, as rubble crashing down from the ceiling will impede the path of gems. Detonate a large gem cluster (anything four gems or larger) next to a rubble pile to flatten it out.

Swiper, no swiping!

Big Money, Big Money, No Whammies…

And what bank game would be complete without a mask wearing robber with a giant burlap sack taking what rightfully belongs to the bank’s loyal customers? There isn’t much that can be done with the robber, save to avoid him. He makes a meandering path through the vault, devoid of pattern, and he automatically cashes in on any gem he touches. Drag gems out of his way, and work the side of the vault opposite him, and he’ll leave on his own.

The graphics are a bit crude, but highly amusing, sporting caricatures of monocle wearing CEOs and bowler wearing lackeys. It’s all wrapped up in a jazz soundtrack smooth enough to make even an afternoon of rolling nickels enjoyable.

I’d Buy That For a Dollar (or Two)…

Players will likely pick up the core gameplay mechanics quickly. Though its easy to get into, watching a level slip away just a few dollars shy of a target can be heartbreaking, and won’t sit well with puzzle game enthusiasts. Before long, its clear that this game has a high rate of interest. Considering there are also a multiplayer modes available through the Game Centre, for USD $1.99, Greedy Bankers is a steal.

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