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Wondershot - An Indie Game Review

In a world where luck is irrelevant and skill is mandatory, Wondershot brings its players that challenging atmosphere many video games tend to lack.

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Review: Windward

A multiplayer sandbox ship to ship combat and trading game, Windward hints at epic wars, fights for territory, tears of defeat and the salt of loss, but delivers casual, no-risk river trading with the odd pirate to broadside.

Review: Steel Storm

A retro top-down shooter? Sounds great. Does Steel Storm: Burning Retribution storm the beaches, or fly around in circles?


Review: Guns of Icarus

A review of Guns of Icarus from Muse Games and notes on how to make a superficial Steampunk title a great Steampunk game.

After Years of Development in Stealth Mode, OnLive Arrives

Onlive: Essentially you will be able to play any game anywhere, anytime over a broadband connection without any downloads. Similarly, you can play demos for any of these games to check ’em out before committing to the full game.