Wondershot from Leikir Studio – An Indie Game Review

wondershot in game
Wondershot from Leikir Studio – An Indie Game Review

Platforms: Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Wondershot

Publisher: Leikir Studio

Developer: Leikir Studio

Genre: Action

Release Date: February 19th, 2016

Wondershot – What We Think:

In a world where luck is irrelevant and skill is mandatory, Wondershot brings its players that challenging atmosphere many video games tend to lack. Not only have I spewed profanities or rage quit due to my inevitable demises, but I have also had the chance to conquer both computer foes and my friends…which may now be my foes. Oops?

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Wondershot, developed by Leikir Studio, put my abilities to the test and allowed me to better them in various modes. At times I was bombarded with frustration but eventually I stumbled through to a victorious triumph – an intriguing combination that makes Wondershot so much fun.

Monstee Hunter

Whether you’re battling “monstees” alone or teaming up locally with a friend, the fast-paced environment will inevitably throw you off guard at times. Not only will monstees be dashing at you from every angle, but you’re only allowed one ammo as well as one life. If you happen to miss your opponent due to panic or bad aiming, prepare yourself for speedy dodging as you race across the screen to reacquire your ammo.

wondershot in game

Now typically I am that impatient and stubborn player that skips the tutorial in hopes I will prosper without it, but the unique qualities of Wondershot nudged me in a different direction. I tossed aside my pride and took a walk down tutorial lane, learning the basic controls of Wondershot as well as familiarizing myself with the four weapons – the hammer, bow, boomerang, and slingshot.

Understanding the elementary mechanics of these weapons is essential, especially if you’re planning to succeed throughout the assorted modes Wondershot offers.

If you’re intent on challenging friends or family members, I found it entertaining to endlessly defeat mine in my own custom mode which allowed me to alter the rules how I saw fit. Otherwise, there are preset battle modes that are integrated in Wondershot, as well.

The Family That Fights Together

To get a better grasp at the gameplay, adventure mode allows players to go through various stages, perfecting the behaviors of the weapons that will ultimately shape you into a better player. Depending on how well you do based on the factors you’re judged by determines the amount of experience points you’re awarded.

It makes perfect sense, really, because if you’re downright awful and are constantly flinging your hammer at nothing worth significance, why would you progress onto the more difficult stages?

wondershot adventure

To be honest, I was very confident in my skills when I prevailed through the tutorial without any complications or curse words ejecting from my mouth, but my ego was destroyed as soon as I took a stab at endless mode, where various waves of monstees appear on screen.

Wonder What Happened There?

The title is fairly ironic due to the embarrassing and pathetic fact that it was over for me in merely five seconds due to the one-hit kill declaration. My arrow shot across the screen after pure panic and a monstee lunged at my moment of weakness. I put my head down in shame, accepting my defeat. I will not deny nor confirm whether this happened multiple times, but believe me when I say that it is a valuable to know your weapon of choice and to know it well.

You do have the option to battle through endless mode with others, which is honestly much easier. Plus on the bright side when you lose, you won’t have to face the defeat alone.

wondershot battle

Great Shot, Kid! That Was One in a Million

To get down to the nitty gritty, Wondershot is an entertaining experience for those who enjoy a stimulating environment and want to conquer the unconquerable. Or, merely for those who delight in performing a victory dance around their defeated foes in local multiplayer mode. Regardless, Wondershot is a game of pure skill.

Lady Luck is nowhere to be found.

Wondershot is available through Steam.

[xrr rating=”4/5″]

Watch the trailer for Wondershot below: