Review: BOID (Early Access)

Boid is at its core a small, stripped down RTS: simple in its design, but hard to master. Read our full review to find out why it should be a new e-sport favorite…

We_Are_Legion_game - Choke Points map

Review: We Are Legion

We Are Legion explores the idea of an RTS without a limit on the number of soldiers you can zerg at your multiplayer challengers. How does it stack up?

Prohour23 screenshot om nom nom

Review: Prophour23

Create an organism by growing various organs to keep your heart beating. Fight off waves of insects in one of the most bizarre RTS/Tower Defense games around.

Machines At War 3 screenshot C

Review: Machines at War 3

Employing gameplay elements similar to titles like Command and Conquer, Machines at War 3 plays like an homage to classic RTS games.

achron screenshot - bugs everywhere

Review: Achron

Achron is a realtime strategy game from indie developer Hazardous Software Inc. that adds the head-scratching element of time travel and its paradoxes in a very elegant way. Read the full review…