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The Witness - An Indie Game Review

Jonathan Blow strikes gold again with The Witness. Solve hundreds of puzzles on an island that houses a great secret. Read our full review.

Indie Fund Adds Investors, Backs Armello

Independent game investment group the Indie Fund has expanded its internal structure to allow for a broader pool of investors. Its latest investment: IGR favorite Armello. Read on…


Review: Super Time Force Ultra

The mysteries of time travel lead to single-player co-op in Capybara Game’s new action shooter Super Time Force Ultra. Read the review…

VIDEO: The Bridge

VIDEO: IGR interviews indie game developer Ty Taylor at the IndieCade game festival and conference in Culver City, California about his XNA-built puzzle-platformer “The Bridge” one of the PAX 10 in 2012.

Review: The One and One Story

The One and One Story is a free-to-play browser based platformer with a slight flair for melodrama. This game has an aesthetic style and narrative that is reminiscent of Braid in that it is a mildly bittersweet romance with a dark atmosphere in its excellent artwork. While a short experience, it has some noteworthy qualities.