SXSW: Telltale and Gearbox Panel Discuss Borderlands Teamup

Tales From The Borderlands Panel

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Tales From The Borderlands Panel

At a SXSW panel discussion, members of the teams from Telltale Games and Gearbox Software revealed the first details of their ambitious Tales from the Borderlands crossover. Known for their wildly successful take on Walking Dead, and more recently, The Wolf Among Us, this latest foray by Telltale promises an entirely different perspective on the desolate world of Pandora.

Both the Walking Dead and TWAU series successfully fuse a point-and-click interface with adaptive real-time events. Selections made in multiple choice dialogue trees can drastically effect the way each game plays out. It veers far from the explosive co-op first-person shooter style embraced by the first two Borderlands games. While the pairing seems unlikely, the bleakness of Pandora and its desperate denizens make for an excellent jumping off point.

Watch the panel discussion in its entirety: