Steam Greenlights 50 More Indies – January 7th, 2014 – Our Picks


It’s Go Time


Happy New Year! To kick off 2014, Steam has given the official go-ahead nod to 50 additional user-curated titles.

Of interest are MANOS: Hands of Fate (not to be confused with Hand of Fate the card game, also Greenlit in this batch) an SNES-inspired action platformer based on a terrible b-movie made popular by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang.

Lili – the game that Apple hyped at its 2012 keynote event to show off its “console-grade graphics” and featuring what appears to be Lara Croft’s nerdy kid sister in an open-world RPG adventure populated by wooden automatons – makes its way to the PC. Link to iTunes App Store version.

Depression Quest the revengence’d underdog: the developer faced much hostility and even pulled the game off Greenlight once due to harassment, but then had a change of heart and reposted it. It is nice to see this win for her, as Depression Quest is a bold experiment that also made our honorable mentions in our list of Best Indie Games of 2013. It will be very interesting to see how it goes over on Steam.

depression quest

Perhaps the most interesting, and strangest of the batch is Anarchy Arcade; a virtual world you customize, building visual shortcuts to your personal digital media assets like photos, music, websites, videos and even games that apparently you can play within the 3D environment. Sort of reminds us of Bumptop crossed with Second Life. You can download a free prototype from Check out the Anarchy Arcade Greenlight page to learn more.

There are also a variety of platformers, card games, Contra-inspired shooters and even more simulators (add helicopters to woodcutters, search and rescue, farming and anything else you can simulate. Which is awesome.)

Here is the complete list of Steam Greenlight Games – January 7th, 2014 batch.