Review: Super Splatters by SpikySnail Games

Super Splatters 2
Review: Super Splatters by SpikySnail Games

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Game Name: Super Splatters

Developer: SpikySnail

Genre: Action, Puzzle

Release Date: June 26 2013

Developer Summary

Get ready for an extravagant, physics-based, combo-driven, action-packed, arcade-style destruction!

What We Think

Super Splatters is the evolution of the XBLA title The Splatters; this new version is available on PC, Mac and Linux. The game immediately conjures thoughts of Angry Birds and other physics-based puzzlers, but Super Splatters does things in its own unique style. This well-polished title from SpikySnail certainly packs a lot of personality, but how does the gameplay stack up?

The game is a physics puzzler with a side of action. The player is tasked with launching colorful, gooey blobs at walls in order to splatter and splash them across fireworks which will, in turn, detonate. To complete a level one must explode every firework pod on the stage. Each stage features multiple phases and each must be passed in turn.

Super Splatters 1

Mind Over Splatter

There are various kinds of challenges that await players on each stage: Training levels generally teach new moves and abilities that will be important later. Freestyle simply requires that you destroy every firework pod in as creative a manner as you like. Master Shots are more specific, demanding the use of preset stunts to set off the fireworks.

Stunts include acts like sliding along curved walls or splattering directly above the target to shower it in goo. Later, combo stages open up that allow you to maintain a combo multiplier by chaining stunts together.

To achieve these goals you are provided with a plethora of moves that help to enhance the mobility of your splatters. A single-click will cause your splatter to hop in the direction of the pointer. A second-click will launch the shot more violently, bursting it over whatever it hits. This method allows you to direct a portion of the splatter in a new direction after the initial impact, opening up the possibility of spraying two separate targets.

Finally, a third-click, before impact, will cause the splatter to go “ballistic” and aggressively smash into the target. This will burst the whole splatter in one go, removing the chance of hitting two targets but maximizing your burst over one area.

Super Splatters 2

Spray For Strength

These abilities are given out in training sessions throughout the game. The rate at which these powers are provided is a little slow and, as a result, Super Splatters feels quite ponderous for the first few stages.

Once ballistics are unlocked, things start to get more fun, even though the principle of the gameplay remains the same – burst splatters and spray fireworks. The challenge is raised in various ways, including color-coded fireworks that need to be sprayed with the appropriately colored goo.

While the action in Super Splatters is enjoyable, it doesn’t seem to have enough depth and variety to keep things exciting. The new abilities do help to alleviate this, but unfortunately they are provided at slightly too slow a pace and this makes the start of the game feel a tad repetitive. Thankfully, once the game’s goals begin to get more daunting, the game begins to get more compelling.

Super Splatters 3


The presentation of Super Splatters is excellent. The animation for the splatters exploding is superb and their colorful fluids make for dazzling displays as they rebound off walls. The fireworks also make for appealing visuals that celebrate your victory when you set off the last of them.

The music is appropriate for the game and this is all supported by well-constructed, Florsheim shoe wearing announcer-speak and text-based dialogue that is often quite amusing.

A Splattering of Applause

Super Splatters is an entertaining, if somewhat shallow title with visuals that shine next to its occasionally repetitive gameplay. Despite its slow start, the difficulty begins to scale up later in the game and you’ll soon find yourself hooked as you struggle to overcome just one more level. While it is quite simple, Super Splatters is an attractive game and a good way to pass some spare time.

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