Review: Saturday Morning RPG

Join Marty as he teams up with the heroes of Saturday morning cartoons from the 1980s. Use your totally awesome magic powers to vanquish the forces of evil.

Expeditions Conquistador screenshot 2

Review - Expeditions: Conquistador

From Logic Artists comes an indie strategy-RPG wherein you lead your troops through Central America to fight for Spain. Great dangers await, as do fame and riches. Read the full review…

Ultratron screenshot F

Review: Ultratron by Puppy Games

Exact revenge on the evil robots that wiped humanity off the face of the earth. Upgrades and robot pets will increase your firepower. Now take the fight to them!

grotesque tactics

Review of Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Review Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes -from Silent Dreams comes a slanted look at an East-meets-West tactical strategy RPG. A bountiful bosom or a botched boob-job?

IndieCade 2010 Coverage - Review: Fractal

A review of Fractal from developer Cipher Prime as Indie Game Reviewer covers the IndieCade 2010 independent games festival in Culver City, California.

“Slick, explosive and wickedly addictive. Fractal brings together the best parts of Hexic and Lumines, and then blows them both to itty-bitty pieces.”