Chainsaw Warrior by Games Workshop Carves Up A Digital Release


Who Saw This Coming?

Bristol-based devs Auroch Digital have announced the mobile and desktop versions of Chainsaw Warrior from Games Workshop, with a summer release date anticipated.


Before video game tech was ready for the First Person Shooter, there was Chainsaw Warrior, the 1980’s single-player board game that pits one insanely macho hero against the clock…and a ravenous thrall of other-worldly zombies.

Called out of retirement, the hero must arm himself with high-tech weaponry and delve into a New York tenement that houses an ominous rift in the fabric of existence. A force known only as Darkness intends to pull all of our reality through this warp point, and if the hero should fail, humanity is doomed. There are only 60 minutes to call a halt to the apocalypse. But hey, no pressure…


Solo, They Won’t Hear You Coming

Unlike the hyper-connected MMO and social media games that have made a place for themselves in today’s market, Chainsaw Warrior is a strictly solo affair. Forget shouting out for a healer-class, and don’t bother calling a mercenary companion: This battle is yours, and yours alone.

The devious nature of the original game and the daunting level of difficulty are some of the factors that drew the interest of Thomas Rawlings, Auroch’s Design and Production Director. In fact, he refers to the board game version as “the Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy of its day” (source: Auroch Digital).

The 1987 game earned the distinction of being one of Games Workshop’s best sellers for the era, and kept fans engaged for years after its release. With summer winding down, it won’t be long before a new throng of gamers can take this re-imagined classic for a deadly, dizzying spin.

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