Review – Life Goes On: Done to Death

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Review – Life Goes On: Done to Death

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Steam

Game Name: Life Goes On: Done To Death

Publisher: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.

Developer: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.

Genre: Puzzle, 2D Platformer

Release Date: May 17th, 2016

Life Goes On: Done To Death – What We Think

Featuring a morgue-load of new features, Life Goes On: Done To Death is a sizable revamp of Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.’s original release, Life Goes On. More levels, tougher puzzles and unlockables all breathe new life into this comically gruesome puzzle game.

Life Goes On 2016-05-18 21-04-19-16

Whatever Kills You Makes Your Buddy Stronger

The King still has his eyes set on the Cup of Life and the immortality it promises. While he’s not willing to put his own life on the line, he has no qualms about wasting hordes of his tragically faithful followers. The perils are many, but there’s always another devout knight willing to throw himself in harm’s way for the cause.

Each stage has a sacred cup to claim, and getting there means knights gotta die. Can’t make an armor-plated omelette without yada yada. However, if a brave soldier stupidly valiantly dies on a wall of spikes, the danger-starved ninny that takes his place now has a cadaver to safely scale that section of the trap.

Life Goes On 2016-05-18 21-04-19-16

Dying is Easy. Dying Usefully Is Hard

Saw blades, cannons, fire and ice traps, and spike-laden conveyor belts are just a few of the implements keen on kick-starting your rigor mortis. Some of them can be quite handy, if you make a good use of the corpse that results. A frozen knight can be pushed over a fire trap, providing a brief respite for a soldier riding atop the cube. Electricity traps zap a unit, but also use him to complete a circuit, often powering up gates or other devices.

The levels in this latest version are larger, and there are more of them. The devs claim that the overall playthrough time is essentially doubled with the new content, so whether you’re new to the game or returning to swipe new cups, there’s a lot to be found. The levels are fiendishly clever, and some of the solutions had me scratching my head while the severed noggins of my devout minions rolled.

Fortunately, the grunts just keep on coming, so smoke ’em if you got ’em. Trial and error has seldom been so ghoulish. Trying to complete a stage while keeping the losses and time low also adds a challenging layer of replay value.

Keystone Korpse

Clearing puzzles within a preset time and body count will unlock fun items such as helmets and weapons that will randomly outfit the knights that appear. Though these trinkets are purely decorative, some of them are ridiculous enough to illicit laughter. Watching the beanie hat fly off a recently deceased fighter only to continue to aimlessly soar through the room was a particular standout.

Life Goes On 2016-05-18 21-04-19-16

I Maintain Against the Grail

Life Goes On: Done To Death makes for great puzzle-solving action punctuated by the screams of dying lackeys. Listen closely, and you might even hear the Wilhelm scream. It’s a sick little pleasure, and a solid puzzle game to boot. Grab your favorite enchanted goblet and come party in a realm where the good times are measured by how high you pile the corpses.

Life Goes On: Done To Death is available via Steam

[xrr rating =”4/5″]

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