Review – Braveland Wizard

Braveland game screenshot, battle
Review – Braveland Wizard

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux iOS, Android, Steam

Game Name: Braveland Wizard

Publisher: Tortuga Team

Developer: Tortuga Team

Genre: RPG, Strategy

Release Date: December 4th, 2014

Braveland Wizard – What We Think:

Braveland Wizard, developed by Tortuga Team, is shaped to be a game of strategic measures, taking an old-school tactical combat system and pairing it with a a quest across a board game-inspired map. It’s a pretty cool concept, and the hand-drawn world collaborates wonderfully with the gameplay. Additionally, the turn-based battle is unique, with somewhat challenging enemies and unforeseen surprises, though this isn’t always quite as great as it sounds.

Braveland game screenshot, snow

Team Building Exercises

I began my voyage as a heroine Wizard who was also a recent graduate of the Academy of Magic. Craving a bold adventure, she wasn’t going to settle for ordinary. Traveling first across a snowy mountain, I began to obtain diverse allies for my squad that would better my chances at success. Well, that was the goal anyway. Ranging from an archer to a gigantic brute of a tree, each ally I managed had its own special ability. I will openly admit that yes, I definitely favored certain members of my crew over others, but I promise my reasons were legitimate.

OK, maybe they weren’t, but the apprentices weren’t really all that great.


Furthermore, the combat was inventive, but not very exciting. Each character would have the opportunity to attack whomever they wanted on the screen, but melee armed folk would have to slowly edge toward their enemy. Theoretically, the idea seemed reasonable, but some battles were just plain boring.

Braveland game screenshot, battle

In retrospect, I very much enjoyed the artistic style of Braveland Wizard. The map splits up into different colorful environments that flow flawlessly into one another. Adventuring forward, I stumbled upon various features that assured me they would better enhance my chances of victory in battle. For example, at one point I found myself defeated numerous times during an agonizing boss battle. Embarrassing, I know. I don’t take pride in it.

Shamrock the Boat

Becoming annoyed, I learned I could purchase “Luck,” which would grant me a higher percentage of damage during my next battle. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was grasping at straws here. To my surprise, my next attempt at that battle was my last, because ladies and gentlemen – I was a champion. Finally.

Braveland Wizard game screenshot, feature

To my discovery, the extra features in Braveland Wizard do actually matter; you just have to pay attention.

Slim Pickings

Now depending on how often I had to replenish my party depended on whether or not I could afford these nifty little additions, which really wasn’t that often at all. I had to pick and choose what would best prepare my Wizard and her squad for battle, mostly because gold was scarce and equipment was expensive. I must admit, though, that I liked this about Braveland Wizard – it added a challenging twist to even the most novice difficulty setting.

Scattered throughout are also various dungeons that offer semi-random battles to increase your gold as well as experience. Considering some encounters are unavoidable and extremely difficult, the dungeons helped strengthen my roster. Unfortunately though, the battles become repetitive and predictable, creating a dull environment for everyone.

Braveland Wizard game screenshot, enemy

Journey Down the Middle of the Road

In its entirety, Braveland Wizard was very linear and didn’t have me at the edge of my seat like I was hoping it would have. Sure, it was thrilling to unlock new areas and attain more radical friends along the way, but it would gradually lose its flare. In its defense though, the comical dialogue meshed incredibly well with the distinctive style of Braveland Wizard, which added more substance to the game as a whole.

Basically, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, Braveland Wizard probably won’t live up to your wildest dreams.

Braveland Wizard is available via Steam, the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

[xrr rating=”3/5″]

Watch the trailer for Braveland Wizard below:

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