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Pick and Mix Your Indie Fix

The Pick & Mix Bundle is the newest deal from Bundle Stars. For a pre-set price, you have the opportunity to create your own bundle from a set of 15 indie games: three games for $3, five for $4, or 10 for $6. Here are a few of our top choices:

Skulls of the Shogun

by 17-BIT

Skulls of the Shogun game screenshot, gas clouds

A turn-based tactical game set in a feudal Japanese afterlife, Skulls of the Shogun impressed IGR editor in chief Indie-Game-Freak with its scaling complexity, “legitimately funny” pop culture references, and the fact that it’s “a hell of a lot of fun.”

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Ironclad Tactics

by Zachtronics

Ironclad Tactics game screenshot

One of the rare Zachtronics offerings not about assembling things that assemble other things, Ironclad Tactics is instead a card battle game set in an alternate steampunk history in which the American Civil War was fought by giant robots. IGR staff writer and CCG enthusiast HappyWulf was particularly impressed with the game’s comic art style and marching band soundtrack.

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Last Word

by Twelve Tiles

Last Word game screenshot, combat
Last Word: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Taking place at a posh dinner party, this conversation-based RPG combines a unique combat mechanic – it’s based on conversational wit rather than physical prowess – with clever writing (and a handful of truly awful puns).

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by Epic Games

Sanctum game screenshot, monsters

An innovative combination of tower defense and first person shooter, Sanctum features gorgeous graphics in a science fiction setting. IGR’s Michael Brune was a bit put off by the lack of story and replay value, initially, but impressed by the game’s potential. Developers Epic Games have since put a lot more work into the game, not to mention releasing a sequel.

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Reverse Crawl

by Nerdook Productions

Reverse Crawl game screenshot 1

Simple, casual and addicting, this light tactics game does a better than expected job with the hoary “play as the villains” conceit, thanks to charming characters drawn in Nerdook Productions‘ anime-influenced house style.

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All games available in this bundle are redeemable on Steam. Visit Bundle Stars for the complete list.