Reverse Fusion Bundle from IndieGala Offers Eight Indie Greats

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Shift into Reverse

The Reverse Fusion Bundle from IndieGala offers eight games for less than three bucks – an incredible deal, especially given that just about every title in the bundle is a highly rated favorite from IGR (your own favorite review site, we’re sure).

For starters, anyone willing to pony up a dollar gets these three:


by Tiny Lab Productions

Orborun game screenshot, green level

There’s a lot more than endless running in this endless runner; it’s got exploratory elements and even rudimentary puzzles for you to work through. IGR’s FictiveTruism loved the charm and personality of OrboRun‘s robotic protagonist, not to mention how unfamiliar each level felt, which is no small feat given the repetitive nature of most endless runner games.

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Vertical Drop Heroes

by Nerdook Productions

Vertical Drop Heroes game screenshot

We can’t get enough of this action Rogue-like, its charming cartoon-inspired graphics and its variety of play-styles. IGR writer BlueBirdPlays praised the way this game evolved from a humble Flash game into something that “takes pride in the fact that no run will ever be the same as the last.”

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by Cuve Games

QuestRun screenshot 4
QuestRun screenshot: Lava! We must be getting close to something big…

Somehow, QuestRun takes that most hated element of JRPGs – the active time battle interface – and not only makes it the centerpiece, it transforms it via some indie game alchemy from a dreaded chore to what our own Adam Fimio calls “an intense and thoroughly engaging tactical experience.”

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That’s a lot of solid game material for just a buck. Not enough, you say? Well, for just $2.89 you get those three, plus another five:

Reverse Crawl

by Nerdook Productions

Reverse Crawl game screenshot 1

Another one from Nerdook Productions, this throws the company’s distinctive and appealing anime-influenced house style over a casual grid-based tactics game. InfinityWaltz praised Reverse Crawl for its simple but addictive take on turn-based combat and for giving players “new minions, enemies and even bits of plot often enough that you never feel like you’re just grinding away out of boredom.”

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by Cipher Prime Studios

Horse tranquilizers are easier targets.

Adam Fimio couldn’t resist the drug metaphors when he praised this pill-themed action game: “Once you get used to the downright twitchy switch mechanics, this lightning-fast arcade shooter will have you craving multiple hits.” Calling something “addictive” might be a bit of a game review cliché, but it’s never been so appropriate.

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Three Fourths Home

by [bracket]Games

Three Fourths Home, driving through Nebraska cornfields

It’s not a walking simulator; it’s a driving simulator! This well-written – albeit depressing – interactive short story sees you guiding a telephone conversation and learning about your protagonist’s back story while driving through rural middle America ahead of a violent storm. InfinityWaltz was impressed by the way the dialogue revealed the characters as “believable individuals with unique motivations and coping mechanisms.”

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by Cipher Prime Studios

Splice game screenshot, green and violet

A less hectic but similarly biology-inspired puzzle game from Intake developers Cipher Prime Studios, Adam Fimio called this game’s minimalist microbial mechanics “a healthy dose of unique cerebral action.”

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Paranautical Activity

by Digerati Distribution

Paranautical Activity game screenshot, courtesy of Steam
Paranautical Activity: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Classic FPS action meets randomly generated levels and voxel-based graphics. Blow scary spiders and screaming skulls into their component cubes!

All games in the Reverse Fusion Bundle come with Steam keys. The deal is good until March 3rd, but why wait?