Can't pass through the Renaissance without slaying a dragon...

Review: Rock of Ages

In Rock of Ages, Sisyphus escapes Hades, but now must race through time. Roll through the great periods of art history, squishing tyrants and warlords that get in your way.

King's Bounty: Warriors of the North dlc screenshot 2 - interface

King`s Bounty: Warriors of the North

After telling us development of the series had come to an end, 1C Company Announces King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North DLC for the much loved RPG!

Review: Demolition Inc.

A review of German indie game developer Zero Scale’s Demolition Inc. – a physics-based puzzle game now available for PSN, Steam and Windows PC. Read the full review…


Xperiment SB1 Screenshot 2

Review: Xperiment SB1

In Xperiment SB1 from Interactive Exchange Company, you take on the role of some form of microorganism known as Furry Ball. Your life consists of floating around in fluid absorbing whatever comes too close to you. Read the full review…

Review: Pocket Summoner for iOS

Pocket Summoner is a Pokemon-inspired PvP online Freemium game for iOS that awards those willing to open their wallets, but that offers sufficient “non-paying” adversaries to grant much idle time killed going back and forth obsessively

silas kart game - hi-tech screenshot

Review: Silas

“Silas” is an enjoyable,indie kart game, and you can tell that the developer put a lot of hard work went into it. But what did our reviewer also have to say about this labor of love?

Review: JigMan!

JigMan! from Head Games Studios feels like a strange mix of the classic games Berzerk and Qix. Does this C64 tribute pay off? Read the full review…

Review: Misfortune - BETA

Misfortune is a Steampunk RPG from independent game developers Loadingames completely drawn by a children’s book illustrator. Read the review of the beta we played…


achron screenshot - bugs everywhere

Review: Achron

Achron is a realtime strategy game from indie developer Hazardous Software Inc. that adds the head-scratching element of time travel and its paradoxes in a very elegant way. Read the full review…

Hard Reset Screenshot 2

Review: Hard Reset

No multiplayer, no RPG elements, but Hard Reset, an indie first person shooter from Flying Wild Hog brings the action. William Gibson and Ridley Scott would both weep at the visual depth of Hard Reset. Read the full review…