Don’t Starve: All’s Well That Maxwell Update featuring The Screecher Mod

Wield Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (figuratively)


The latest update to Don’t Starve is all about Maxwell; he’s the slender man in the pin-striped suit you hate most – whether it’s your first crack at Don’t Starve, or your thousand-and-first, he’s right there to greet you. And then, in the ultimate dick move, he vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving you to your fate.

Of course, if you have ventured further into the game, you will realize that this game-show-host rendition of the Devil himself actually is likely responsible for your nightmarish predicament like some lost episode of Lost. Should you happen to dive into Maxwell’s Door, you will learn that he is actually not your friend, as he does his best to thwart your attempts at survival through a series of increasingly daunting dimensions as you fight for your life in pursuit of answers, and absolution from the Samsaric wheel into which you have been cruelly tossed.

The latest updated from Klei is rather remarkable: Should you manage to meet certain conditions in Adventure Mode, Maxwell joins the roster of playable characters. Don’t let his diminutive countenance fool you: this dapper chap comes packing some serious dark powers. Simply read from the pages of the Codex Umbra to summon a shadowy minion. The nightmarish wisps can help to accumulate resources more quickly, and they can even be sent into battle. What good are mystical dark powers if you have to get your hands dirty?

Sanity also doesn’t seem to be as much a concern for Maxwell. But I’ve always got the impression that he’s been in this insane world for quite a while…

Don't Starve update - All's Well That Maxwell

The update comes with a slew of tweaks and additions. To read the full list of changes, visit the Klei Entertainment forums.

The Screecher

And for an even darker, more pulse-pounding take on the highly stylized world of Don’t Starve, try out The Screecher. Just in time for Halloween, this third-person survival horror mod pits one man at a campsite against whatever is emitting those blood-curdling noises in the blackness. Something is picking off campers, one by one. Staying put is not an option. All you have is a note from your partner, a half depleted flashlight, and some vague idea of where the helipad is. You’ll need to rummage through other campsites to keep your flashlight lit. Because once the lights go out…

As always, these updates come completely free to anyone who owns the game. Which is so full of win.

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