Bundle Stars Presents The Majestic Indie Bundle – A Kingly Deal on Great Games

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Soak In All That Majesty

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Sick of everyday nonsense bringing you down? Tell the real world to sit down and shut its logic hole. Bundle Stars is bringing 7 fantasy titles in its Majestic Indie Bundle. This bold arrangement of indie games runs the genre gamut, providing something for fans of RPGs, strategy, and action games.

Mount and Blade

by TaleWorlds
Rain fury down on your foes from atop your mighty steed. Indie fave Mount and Blade (link to our review) features a strikingly complex physics system that will demand you stay on your toes throughout your many skirmishes.

mount and blade screenshot

There are no magical elixirs to bail you out, so a few well-placed strikes can swiftly end your journey. A thrilling single-player, action RPG title.

Majesty 2 Collection (plus 3 expansions)

by 1C Company
Create the ultimate fantasy kingdom. Now enlist heroes to defend your realm! Equip them well and meet their needs, as they’ll be doing the fighting. You’ll need a strong force to defend against your evil adversaries and the wicked creatures they’ll be sending your way.

Hoard Complete Pack

by Big Sandwich Games
Peasants, be warned: Thy thatched-roof cottages are toast!

hoard _title

In Hoard, take to the skies as a dragon, waging fiery war on all takers, be they human, or even other dragons. Take on multiplayer matches and go wing to wing to win against other wily wyverns.

Crusader Kings Complete

by Paradox Entertainment
As Europe emerges from the Dark Ages, religious forces sway the people, promising greatness in the name of Christianity. As soldiers lay down their lives in the hopes of assimilating foreign lands, dark forces are threatening to unhinge the mighty war engine from within.

This is NOT A title for the strategy game layman: Crusader Kings is massive in scope, and it strives for historical accuracy, embracing hundreds of figures from countless feudal dynasties.


by TopWare Interactive
Featuring 12 playable classes and an immersive 3D world, Enclave is an award-winning hack and slash RPG that features two campaign paths – will you fight for the forces of righteousness as a Warrior of Light, or wreak havoc as a Minion of Darkness?

Enclave game screenshot
Enclave game screenshot – a critically acclaimed RPG released in 2003

Either path will result in a slew of fantastic creatures coming for your head. Take up arms in this grueling Tolkien-esque realm.

Forge Starter Pack

by Dark Vale Games
The entire team of gods gets the OM NOM NOM treatment from a fierce beast named the Devourer. To escape, each god must sacrifice the weakest oh his followers. As the devout, this is one battle you don’t want to lose…

Take the team-on-team goodness of Team Fortress, and slather on a thick coat of fantasy lore. This free-to-play PVP game is already a hit on Steam and now you can get a boost with the Starter Pack which typically retails for $15. This also nets you a set of legendary Shadow Armor and a double XP boost.

Forge starter pack - Shadow armor
Forge Starter Pack – character armor customization screen

Knights and Merchants: Shattered Kingdom (and The Peasants Rebellion DLC)

by Topware Interactive
This busy RTS simulation takes place in the Anglo-Saxon era. Valiant knights fight to defend the realm! But without a solid functioning economy to ensure that all aspects of a knight’s life are being properly addressed, you’ll have none to send into battle.

Knights and Merchants boasts an intricate economy system that demands micromanagement. Construct towns strategically: You’ll need to process your resources in stages, so a workable town layout is key. All of your townsfolk – workers, merchants and soldiers alike – are going to need enough to eat if they are to tend to the battle needs of the kingdom’s elite squads. Ill-equipped knights are dead knights.

Knights and Merchants screenshot
Knights and Merchants combat in-game screenshot


by Might and Delight
In recent memory, I haven’t played a game quite like Shelter (link to our review). Your quest begins in a tiny underground cave where roots of trees poke through the ceiling. You are followed about by a small party of baby badgers and discover one is sickly and inert. Bringing a turnip to it, it revives and you, in the role of mother badger, lead your full gathering of babies towards the mouth of the tunnel…


With little food to be found nearby you have to lead your offspring out into the world. Find roots or slaughter tiny animals to feed your young. But tread cautiously, as predators loom. Fail to find suitable cover, and watch in horror as your children are snatched away! It all unfolds in a world delicately wrapped in a muted papier-mâché palette.

Make Mine Majesty

For this bundle, a portion of proceeds will be donated to SpecialEffect. This registered charity works to provide specially adapted gaming controllers to children and adults with physical disabilities.

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