Ni no Kuni is the Stunning New Game from Level 5 and Studio Ghibli for PS3 as well as DS

In the June issue of Famitsu, Level 5 made the surprise announcement that Ni no Kuni, their tag team production with Studio Ghibli, will not only be a DS game, but a PS3 version is in the works. Any of you that have been following the DS production since it was announced in 2008 know that it looks amazing, but footage from the PS3 production looks simply stunning.

PS3 Footage

DS Footage

I think it’s safe to expect a game that mirrors Ghibli’s animated works in it’s kid level accessibility and parent friendly depth of character and visuals. Look for both versions of the game to be a different experience because they are being developed independently of each other at Level 5. The DS game is due out late 2010 with the PS3 version due out sometime 2011. Oh, and Pokemon-style creature collecting! Yay!