New Hawken Gameplay Trailer Emerges!

hawken screenshot - desert gameplay trailer

When early screenshots from indie mecha FPS Hawken first hit the indie game scene, it created quite a stir. Of course everything can look jaw-dropping on paper, but there were demands for some motion graphics and gameplay. Could the game possibly look as good and and play as well as the in-game screenshots promised?

hawken screenshot - desert gameplay trailer

Yesterday we received the following update from the developers at Adhesive Games:

“This is gameplay from our desert level (brown, brown, brown!!!) which might help show the pacing of some combat, and will probably be our last video for a while until we have something more substantial to announce. The footage was originally part of PC Gamer’s PAX presentation last Friday, but the end of this version shows off the submissions we received in our Landmark Challenge.”

Learn more at the official Hawken Site

What do you think? Does the video hold up to the promise of the early screens? We’d love to hear your comments!

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