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Indie Greatness, Bundled

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Maybe the dearth of AAA titles on the next gen consoles is starting to wear on you. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to give indie games a shot, but you don’t know where to start. Or possibly, while adrift in the vast indie gaming sea, you’ve missed a few of the top-tier titles.

[UPDATE]: September 19th, 2014 – 3 new titles added – Monaco, The Bridge and Race the Sun

Whatever your scenario, Humble Indie Bundle 12 comes with an impressive selection of indie hard-hitters. For a metric pittance, you can scoop up 6 games (with more to be announced in the coming days), early access to yet another game, and additional game-related swag. The proceeds help the developers and a host of worthy charities.

Fancy yourself a sophisticated shopper? We’ve linked our reviews to the game titles. Educate yourself, then get spending.

Papers, Please


Serve your country by performing the functions of a customs officer. Your task may seem mundane, but you must pay close attention, as any missed discrepancy might allow a dangerous imposter into the nation. You get paid for the number of citizens you process, though, so taking too long to deliberate will hit you and your family in the wallet.

Unexpectedly, a game about working a rubber stamp found its way into our Best Indie Games of 2013 list.

papers, please

The Bridge

Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda

Imagine a puzzler inspired by M.C. Escher and drawn in pencil, wherein you can rotate the entire screen to get to your goal like one of those little maze boxes with the aluminum ball you roll around.

The Bridge game screenshot

To learn more about The Bridge – check out our video interview with developer Ty Taylor at IndieCade.


Pocketwatch Games

Few games in the past 5 years were as hotly anticipated as Andy Schatz’ “Monaco”. Think of Pac-Man meets stealth in a superbly fast-paced local and online co-op romp through a series of high-stakes heists with you and your uniquely talented cronies.


Check out our video interview with Andy Schatz at PAX Prime 2012.

Race the Sun

Flippfly LLC

In what can only be described as a hyperspeed endless runner in an “infinite procedural world that changes every day,” Race the Sun was quite a hit when it came out, especially due to the hundreds of Let’s Play and reaction videos that accompanied its release as gamers attempted to last as long as possible.


Steamworld Dig

Image and Form

You are a robot with one directive that outweighs all others: dig deeper than any robot before you has dared.

Mine deep into the earth in search of rare gems. Sell your spoils to purchase equipment upgrades that will allow you to delve even deeper. Discover ancient civilizations and secrets that could forever change the world as you know it.

steamworld dig screenshot
Steamworld Dig screenshot – I know it looks like Terraria or Dwarfs?! but it’s nothing like either.

Steamworld Dig also made IGR’s list of Honorable Mentions for 2013.



Storm Castle Hammerwatch – by yourself, or with up to 3 friends – and fight to obtain its riches in this intense hack-n’-slash adventure game. Throngs of vicious creatures, wicked puzzles and daunting puzzles await any adventurers who dare to traverse the cursed halls of Hammerwatch.



A product of Super Game Jam, indie icon Vlambeer’s Luftrausers is a manic 2D, 2-toned shoot ’em up that feels more like Asteroids or Time Pilot than anything else and it is just as difficult. What sets it apart are the ridiculous combos and unlockable ship upgrades.

Gone Home

The Fullbright Company

It placed in our Top Indie Games of 2013 list for good reason. Gone Home is one of the best examples of interactive narrative we’ve ever experienced. As you pore through the trinkets and secrets tucked around your family’s abandoned home, a fragmented story begins to emerge. The possibilities are terrifying, but you must seek out the truth if you are ever to discover what has become of your loved ones. A haunting experience that is at times surprisingly endearing.

Gone Home game screenshot


Suspicious Developments

As a super thief, you have a wealth of talents at your disposal. Sure, with your heightened agility you can jump great distances, but your real strength is in crossing wires. Switch up the various electrically-enabled systems of buildings to detain guards while you make off with the goods. Get yours, get out and don’t get caught.


Donate more than $10 and you get:

Prison Architect

Introversion Software

From the people who brought you indie classics Darwinia and Multiwinia, in Prison Architect, you design a prison. Provide living, eating and sleeping areas for your inmates. But it’s also quite dark and morbid – the first quest involves building an electric chair chamber and Green Mile so you can execute a teacher convicted of a double homicide.

Oh, and don’t forget to hire some guards! As an early access player, you’ll also gain access to horrible game crashing bugs that haven’t yet been addressed in the code. The devs admit it freely in their alpha video:

No Time for Indie-cision

Humble Indie Bundle 12 has already positioned itself as one of the more impressive indie bundles, and there are even more games yet to be revealed. As always, you can use the Humble Bundle’s helpful slider feature to assist you in dividing up your contribution. No matter how you slice up the bucks, nabbing these games while helping charity is a big win-win.

Time is forever the enemy; jump on this deal before it expires.

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