Win a Copy of the Chainsaw Warrior Board Game for “Best Playthrough” Of Digital Version

Chainsaw Warrior for iOS roll of the dice screenshot

Off The Chain

Auroch Digital – the creators of the Steam version of Chainsaw Warrior – have announced a contest for players of the digital game promising spoils of retro awesomeness going to the victors.

The premise of this single-player adventure game is that you are a super-soldier tasked with saving New York city. To do this, you must square-off against an onslaught of demonic foes that are filing out of an evil vortex (note: as vortices go, the evil ones are the worst). A final confrontation with a force ominously referred to as Darkness will determine the fate of humanity.

Like Sand Through the Hourglass

From there, simple skips town; you are afforded a scant 60 real-time minutes to pull off the whole shebang. If you fail to do so before the last grain of sand swan-dives through the hourglass, you can kiss your cybernetically-enhanced booty bon voyage. While the physical table-top version of the game randomized the tactics available by having the player draw a hand from a shuffled deck of cards, the digital incarnation sticks to this format, though the time is eaten up as actions are performed.

The player who submits the best playthrough of the game on Steam, Android and iOS will receive a copy of the Games Workshop 1987 original board game. Upload a video link to the judging team at Auroch Digital; entrants will be judged on final score, play style and aggression.

We took the digital rendering of Chainsaw Warrior to task when it was released. To see our take, read our full review. What do you think of it?

Get information on this contest from the official Chainsaw Warrior website