Humble Bundle PC and Android 10 – Great Games For Your Droid and Your Rig

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Humble Bundle: Games Too Great To Keep On One Platform

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Be they PC blockbusters that have found their way to the small screen, or mobile mega-hits that demanded a PC release, they’re here in Humble Bundle’s latest iteration. Heavily geared towards the tactical player, you can either hunker down at home with your gaming rig, or take them on the road, for a grueling game of wits that knows no walls.

As always, your purchases assist not only the devs, but also the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play Charity. Work the sliders on the purchase page to fine tune who gets how much of your contribution.

General Admission

That change in your pockets can get you these 3 games:


Empty Clip Studios

This music-based shooter returns to the Humble Bundle. Each song from your music library becomes a rhythmic battlefield, bursting with foes attacking in waves governed by beat and tempo. Fight back against these tune-stealing foes to unlock powerful items and upgrades in each track.

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It should be noted that the Android version is currently in Beta.

Draw a Stickman: Epic


Draw your own stickman hero, and lead him into an adventure that changes based on your doodles. Sketch a number of solutions to puzzles across 14 different levels.

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Galcon Legends And Galcon Fusion

Hassey Entereprises, Inc.

Bill collectors know no bounds: Even the heavens are fair game! Buck finds himself in the unique position of having to lead the cosmos in the ultimate battle against a vile, daunting cosmic threat.

Purchase Galcon Legends, and get Galcon Fusion – the incredibly engaging original space swarming RTS – for no monies. This gem even made our Top 10 Indie Games list for 2010.

galcon fusion screenshot

Tip The Bouncer

Pay more than the average, and the velvet rope is drawn back on these fantastic titles:

Breach and Clear


Take a tactical squadron right out of the global roster, and lead them into the ultimate test of spec-op combat. Teams include the US Army Rangers, Canada’s JTF2, and more from a large selection of some of the world’s most lethal covert teams.

breach and clear screenshot

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fied Edition


Samurai battle on – even into the afterlife – in this turn-based strategy featuring bobbleheaded hand-drawn paper-cutout style undead Shogun types duking it out over a variety of cherry-blossom-dappled vistas. The magical realm expands in the Bone-A-Fied edition, adding more content and characters. Hilarious and engaging fun. Read our full review of Skulls of the Shogun.

Skulls of the Shogun screenshot

Metal Slug 3

SNK Playmore

Though not an indie title per se, the Metal Slug series has stood tall as one of the great side-scrolling shooters of its day. Engage foes in over the top combat as you try to release POWs. Hop into mechanized armored vehicles you find the way, and bring the carnage to the bad guys.

metal slug 3 screenshot

Fieldrunners 2

Subatomic Studios LLC
Tower Defense with a twist: This sequel brings a slew of new weapons to lay along winding paths. Defeating the Fieldrunners can only be achieved by striking the right balance of assault and defense-type towers. New game types will keep fans of the original title hopping.

<>fieldrunners 2 screenshot

The night is young: More games are on the way. Buy early, and you’ll get those games as they are revealed with no additional cost to you. You also alleviate any tensions you may have that the average purchase price might suddenly skyrocket.

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