silas kart game - hi-tech screenshot

Review: Silas

“Silas” is an enjoyable,indie kart game, and you can tell that the developer put a lot of hard work went into it. But what did our reviewer also have to say about this labor of love?

Review: JigMan!

JigMan! from Head Games Studios feels like a strange mix of the classic games Berzerk and Qix. Does this C64 tribute pay off? Read the full review…

Review: Misfortune - BETA

Misfortune is a Steampunk RPG from independent game developers Loadingames completely drawn by a children’s book illustrator. Read the review of the beta we played…

achron screenshot - bugs everywhere

Review: Achron

Achron is a realtime strategy game from indie developer Hazardous Software Inc. that adds the head-scratching element of time travel and its paradoxes in a very elegant way. Read the full review…

Hard Reset Screenshot 2

Review: Hard Reset

No multiplayer, no RPG elements, but Hard Reset, an indie first person shooter from Flying Wild Hog brings the action. William Gibson and Ridley Scott would both weep at the visual depth of Hard Reset. Read the full review…

alien hallway - screenshot 1

Review: Alien Hallway

The tug of war sub-genre was made popular by such games as Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 by way of custom maps. Alien Hallway is a tug of war PC game on Steam.

Trauma game - screenshot - car in tunnel

Review: Trauma

They say that films and games have a dreamlike quality, and this strikes potent and true with with Krystian Majewski’s indie “Trauma.” The interactive game emphasizes storytelling and visceral experiences that resonate through gradual interactive progression.

Frozen Synapse screen6

Review: Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse is a tactical turn-based strategy game from Mode 7 Games that uses right-click menus and randomly generated elements. Read the full review…

From Dust game screenshot 3

Review: From Dust

Despite serious and much ballyhooed controversy as it launched on Steam stemming from DRM issues, From Dust from Ubisoft is a good looking, intriguing entry into the god-game genre that is worthy of attention.

Spac Pirates and Zombies screenshot

Review: Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ)

While scouring distant corners of the galaxy, an unspeakable evil is uncovered. Collect resources and build fleets of ships, lest humanity end up devoured in Space Pirates and Zombies (aka SPAZ) from MinMax games.

fate of the pharaoh - screenshot 1

Review: Fate of the Pharaoh

A review of Fate of the Pharaoh from indie developer Cateia Games. In their latest outing, the company focuses the gameplay, cuts out the fat and turns out a stronger iteration of their cute-styled civ sim template.

Bastion RPG game screenshot 2

Review: Bastion

Bastion is a game that centers around its narrative, and its solid combat system. Right from the start its charm will grope around on you until it finds a firm grip and drags you into its lair for the rest of the ride. Read on to find out why this new RPG from Supergiant games gets a perfect score not only from Indie Game Reviewer, but every other critic who’s played it.

tobes vertical adventure screenshot 2

Review: Tobe's Vertical Adventure

Tobe is an Xbox Live Indie Games native ported to PC, apparently born from the goal of making a game that could have come straight out of the early 1990s. Tobe’s graphics are 16-bit, and would have been right at home in an old Genesis or SNES game. Even the sound and music is what one might call Megaman-esque. Plug a controller into your computer and you could easily mistake Tobe for a console ROM.

Review: The Cat and the Coup

In playing documentary game Cat and the Coup, one gets the same sense of cross-cultural influences as comparative to whirlwind tour of a foreign art gallery. Within the encapsulation of a 2D side-scroller, traditional Persian artwork combine with black and white rotoscoping, somber caricatures of figures and peoples, and pictures from the historical press. An unusual mix of Erik Satie and Nine Inch Nails saturate the aural space with viscosity. Despite the imagery’s perspectival flatness, the actual experience of the visual scope is labyrinthine. Read the full review…