Bundle Stars Offers Indie Heroes Bundle as Part of “Be the Hero” Promotion

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Be an Indie Hero

Bundle Stars, the bundle website from UK publisher Focus Multimedia, is offering eight indie games as part of its week-long Be the Hero promotion. Games featured in the Indie Heroes Bundle include:

Kingdom Rush

from Ironhide Game Studio

Kingdom Rush screenshot
Kingdom Rush: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The popular Kingdom Rush series of mobile and web-based tower defense games gets a Steam version; expect lots of environments, towers, traps and appealing cartoon-inspired artwork. If you liked previous games in the series, expect even more of what makes them enjoyable here.

Secrets of Raetikon

from Broken Rules

Secrets of Raetikon screenshot
Secrets of Raetikon: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Explore an interactive open world hidden deep in the Alps in Secrets of Raetikon, a beautiful action puzzle game full of wild animals and mysterious ancient machines. The gameplay is a little fussy, however, so be warned this may be style over substance to some.

Pixel Piracy

from Re-Logic

Pixel Piracy screenshot
Pixel Piracy: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Sail the pixellated seas in Pixel Piracy, a procedurally generated pirate simulator from Re-Logic, the studio behind legendary indie success story Terraria. Though the game seemed to be in Early Access forever and even floundered for a while, it seems to have finally found its sea-legs.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate

from Double Eleven

Pixeljunk Monsters screenshot
Pixeljunk Monsters: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The second game in the PixelJunk series originally released for the Playstation 3, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate adds to the classic tower defense mechanics by letting you directly control your main character. Less intense than something like the Dungeon Defenders or Sanctum games, this game features cutesy, loosely tiki-inspired artwork and a pleasant chiptune soundtrack.

PixelJunk Shooter

from Double Eleven

PixelJunk Shooter screenshot
PixelJunk Shooter: screenshot courtesy of Steam

PixelJunk is a funny kind of developer. Some of their games really enter novel territory, while others are true to the namesake. It’s a series of commendable experiments, utterly worth attempting. The second PixelJunk game in the Indie Heroes Bundle, PixelJunk Shooter sees you exploring underground caverns and rescuing scientists. Join a friend for cooperative play and enjoy even more claustrophobic twin-stick action.

Velocity Ultra

from Curve Digital

Velocity Ultra screenshot
Velocity Ultra: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Teleportation meets top-down action in Velocity Ultra, a shoot-’em-up from Curve Digital, the studio behind the Game Maker Studio-built hit Stealth Bastard Deluxe. This game eschews the bullet hell approach of most contemporary shoot-’em-ups, instead combining puzzle elements for an end result that requires both reflexes and a bit of brains.


from Curve Digital

Qora screenshot
Qora: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The second Curve Digital offering in the Indie Heroes Bundle, Qora is a contemplative adventure game rendered in minimalist but evocative pixel-art design.


from Neko Entertainment

Gauge screenshot
Gauge: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Gauge is an experimental sports game with a surrealistic sense of humor. Bash keys and encounter LOLcats to a glitch-laden breakcore soundtrack.

All of the games in the Indie Heroes Bundle include Steam keys. Additionally, all of the games are available for Windows and Mac operating systems except for Velocity Ultra and Gauge, which are Windows-only. Kingdom Rush, Secrets of Raetikon, Pixel Piracy and both PixelJunk games are also available for Linux.

The Indie Heroes Bundle is priced at $2.49 – a 97% discount – until August 1st, after which the price will increase. In addition to the bundle, Bundle Stars is offering discounts on a wide variety of other indie games as part of the promotion.

Get the Indie Legends Bundle at Bundle Stars.