Review: Mini Robot Wars

MRW is a tower defense game from Picsoft Studios, which pits a group of friendly robots against a group of hostile robots. Read the review and find out how MRW differs from PvZ.

Jamestown indie game Screenshot 02

Review: Jamestown

Retro-styled indie shooter from Final Form games puts you 16th century colonial Mars and lets you blow away all manner of 16-bit alien in a package so full of awesome it almost hurts.

Clastle Game screenshot - cliffs

Review: Clastle

A review of action puzzler Clastle from Rocket Launcher Interactive built on the Unreal engine. Is this indie title ready for prime time?

death and the fly screenshot 2

Review: Death and the Fly

Being a reviewer means that sometimes you’ll have to say things about someone’s creation, someone who might be a perfectly nice person, and hope that you don’t cause too much offense, while still being honest.

Which brings us to Death and the Fly.

koya rift screenshot

Review: Koya Rift

Koya Rift is an independently produced, procedurally-generated platform shooter. Read our review to see how it fares…