Machines At War 3 screenshot C

Review: Machines at War 3

Employing gameplay elements similar to titles like Command and Conquer, Machines at War 3 plays like an homage to classic RTS games.

Retro Grade game screenshot 1

Retro/Grade: An Indie Game Review

In Retro/Grade, an event has caused time to go wonky. To right things, you must recreate your epic space battles in time to the music. And you have to do it backwards.

omerta_game-screenshot-zoomed in to the action

Review: Omerta - City of Gangsters

Omerta – City of Gangsters is full of promise as it takes on an undercovered genre – the prohibition era in Atlantic City. But did a premature release lead to and underpopulated albeit beautifully designed sandbox? Will recent patches pick up the slack? Read the full review…


Review: Stealth Bastard Deluxe

Stealth Bastard Deluxe from indie game developers Curve Studios is a 2D platformer that dares ask the question – what happens if you try to be sneaky on high speed? Read our review about whether or not the experiment is successful…


Review: Little Inferno

Little Inferno, from the makers of World Of Goo offers a unique physics-based toy chest filled with macabre humor and intrigue. But how does it fare as a game? Read the full review of the latest title from Tomorrow Corporation…


Review: Sine Mora

Sine Mora from Digital Reality / Grasshopper Manufacture is a gorgeous looking diesel-punk bullet-hell shoot em up with story and arcade modes and over 50 customizable weapons. Read the full review…

closure screenshot 1

Review: Closure

“Closure” from Eyebrow Interactive is the brainchild of game designer and programmer Tyler Glaiel – plunging the player into a shadowy world wherein orbs of light are the only way to the exit, hinting at dark spectral worlds beyond their auras. Read the full review…

kings bounty warriors of the north - winter screenshot

Review: King's Bounty: warriors of the North

Warriors of the North from indie game developer 1C-Softclub is the latest entry in what might be called the “cult favorite” King’s Bounty series of games. I say “might” because, frankly, there aren’t enough entries in the tactical RPG category for the PC to allow for a “mainstream” series. Read the full review…


Review: Pushcat

Pushcat is a retro-styled indie casual game like Bubble Bobble meets Match 3 from indie developer Zut games that attempts to update the genre with double-layered puzzles and overlaid conditions. But our reviewer is having flashbacks to casinos and other childhood traumas…read the full report…


Review: Endless Space

Endless Space is a 4X game about space. I hope no one actually needed that spelled out. If you’ve played Civilization, you know the basic routine: research technologies, build cities (or colonize planets), raise armies, squish your neighbors — or at least convince them to let you treat them like doormats. But what does that endless space contain and is it worth exploring? Read the full review…


Review: Blue Libra 2

Blue Libra II is the follow up to the space-combat title from indie developer Orator Games available for PC, iOS, Linux and Mac. Read the full review…


Review: Torchlight II

From indie game developers Runic Games comes the highly anticipated sequel to their award winning dungeon crawler Torchlight. With more content, multiplayer and randomly generated outdoor levels, how does it fare?


Review: Gemini Wars

Built in Unity, Gemini Wars from indie developers Iceberg Interactive is a space-themed RTS. Read the full review…

galaxy on fire 2 full hd - space combat

Review: Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

A review of Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD – the first PC port of the popular space sim from indie developer Fishlabs Entertainment GmbH. Now in Full HD and beyond! Read the full review…